NFL discussion thread week 7

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Varus, Oct 18, 2013.

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    The Giants sure do get a bunch of prime time games.

    Prediction: Lions will beat the Bengals by 1 touchdown.
  2. If Fauria dances at this weeks game then we will win by default
  3. Sure Stafford's gonna keep chucking up TD's to Fauria just so to see what other dances he has

  4. This is the week we win one! I hope.... for fuck sake let's win one god damn game!
  5. wouldn't going winless be more advantageous?

    fun slate of games on paper
  6. Not really. Whether the Giants go 3-13 and get the #3 or 0-16 with the #1, they'll get Clowney or that one lineman from Bama or whoever they want
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  7. It would be, and tbh I don't care what we do as long as we re-sign nicks. I'm pretty sure they will if he stays healthy. We were supposed to be building for an impressive aerial attack with eli,cruz,randall, and nicks. This season might have thwarted the plans though.
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    It's almost a given that we would draft clowney. Reese (our gm) is all about drafting lineman. I don't see bridewater happening.
  9. Giants fans are trying to think of a name for drop manning/draft bridgewater. The forums are pretty fun there right now.
  10. Can you really see Jerry Reese doing that though? That's gotta be the most un-Giants move ever. For your love of linemen, anyone who drafts ahead of you needs a QB and there's plenty available.

    But if you get Clowney (playing well in this game I'm watching) and JPP plays as well as he can, that's just unfair. But it won't matter with that o-line.
  11. Vikings win by 10 :jeritroll:
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  12. No, he won't. I wouldn't doubt if we didn't even consider it. The MO with reese is drafting a lineman, and clowney could be what we need to help our non-existant pass rush. We need to cut emotional ties with vets like webster/tuck/diehl and move on. I get it, you helped us win two rings, but ya gotta go. All are free agents after this year, and I think we are making Nicks our free agent priority. It was almost reconfirmed for me this week when we said we're not trading nicks.
  13. Both the Packers and Bears have easy opponents this week :downer:
  14. Probably, Jared Allen might get 7 sacks, no lie.
  15. Watch out for Rg3 this week. I think they are about to open up the playbook for him finally.
  16. Surprised they haven't canned the coach yet tbh.
  17. Giants fire coughlin? That'll never happen.
  18. It will if they lose every game. Maybe even sooner. Two Superbowls can only buy you so much wiggle room.
  19. I understand why you think that might be true, but in this case it's not going to happen. They won't fire him, his contract ends in 2015 (after next season) The mara and tisch family wouldn't even consider it.
  20. Anyone want to predict how big Suh's fine will be this week?
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