Nick Diaz matches.

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  1. What are the best ones to watch? I want to finish his ones before I get onto Nate.

    I watched three of his strike force ones earlier, against Paul, Some Russian name and another. He won all three in round 1 I think, man Nick owns at boxing.

    Anyway, best UFC ones or strikeforce ones please :)
  2. Nick Diaz vs Gomi- my favorite MMA fight of all time. (even though the fight was later changed to a no contest because he was fighting stoned off his ass)
    vs Karo Parysian UFC
    vs Diego Sanchez UFC
    vs Frank Shamrock SF
    vs KJ Noons the 2nd time SF
    vs Robbie Lawler, but i posted it the other day
    vs Scott Smith SF
    vs Josh Neer UFC
    vs Jeremy Jackson UFC
    vs BJ Penn, but I would hope you have seen that

    All of his fights are worth watching honestly with his style he doesn't produce boring fights
  3. Not seen the BJ one no, nothing on YouTube but trailers and reviews -.-. Can you find me a vid?

    Watched the lawler one, that was awesome. watched the frank one. The top two I couldn't find.
  4. You have to google them, not youtube. Youtube sucks for MMA.

    lol, as soon as I say that I find Gomi/Diaz on youtube

    the Gomi fight experience isn't complete without watching this interview afterwards:

    exception to the rule because it's from Pride. UFC is a huge fag about their fights, a lot of them take some serious google seraching




    Diaz at 18 in his 2nd pro fight
  5. Awesome. liked. Gonna go through these now. #DiazMarkForLife

    Edit: Already seen Gnomi one, that was a classic.
  6. Penn one doesnt work :(
  7. It works for me.. you might be SOL.. I'm on page 4 of Google and everything else is removed



    here you go, page 4 of google is your friend

    Just Google 'Diaz vs ________ fight video' or sometimes 'full fight video' and be resilient. Sometimes it takes going to 10 or 20 sites that have had it removed before you find a good one. I'll post more links that I find later
  8. Awesome. Thanks :)
  9. I'm about to watch him fight Lytle in his 2nd fight.. if I've seen it I don't really remember it, but I'm thinking I never have. I might just start with the Lytle fight and go through all of his fights.. I could watch Diaz fights all day.


    Here is Diaz/Jeremy Jackson 1.. Nick's first loss and only legit KO/TKO loss (he has one other on his record but it was a cut)


    Watching the Lytle fight a few things are apparent: Nick was green as hell. His boxing pretty much sucked, so it's easy to see why Rogan was so blown away by him in the Lawler fight. Also Rosenthall was a fucking awful ref at the time (he still isn't great)

    It was pretty much just a grappling match with both guys getting their share of time on top of the other one. Neither had great ground skills at the time.

    That had to be Nate screaming in the background throughout the fight as well. Too many F bombs for it not to be. 17 year old Nate lololol

    really close fight though, Split Decision that could have gone either way


    I think the smoke in the ring before the fight was coming from Nick's locker room :yay:

    I had only seen the rematch to this fight, hadn't seen Nick get rocked :sad:

    Jeremy Jackson was on a season of TUF and got kicked off for jumping the fence of the house to have sex with some random chick
  10. Diaz vs Joe Hurley in WEC
  11. Ewwww his elbow!!
  12. Yea I cringed when it snapped. Made his arm look as stupid as his hair looks

    Nick looked great.. dropped him with the 1,2.. was destroying him with body shots on the ground, and snapped his shit with the kimura quickly. Beast

    I can't find Jackson/Diaz 2, but here is the rubber match


    Had to watch Lawler/Diaz again. First time we see A.) Nick's trash talk and B.) Nick's badass boxing. I fucking lose it every time I see him slap the shit out of Lawler :lol1:


    Diaz/Karo Parisyan

    Haven't seen this fight in a while, but I remember it's a war
    vs Oishi
  14. Seen, great fights.

    Trying to find Nate vs Gomi

    3rd video in this link seems to work
  16. Using this as the discussion thread. Watching now. Diaz is apparently hotboxing according to the chat bar on the side. He'll be there "any minute".
  17. I closed the chat a long time ago. Just a bunch of Diaz haters trolling.


    I think 1 more match then Nick
  18. Yeah I also closed it. Such fags.

    These commentators sound as bored as I am atm.
  19. They are using their golf announcer voices, have been all night.

    It's really not all that exciting.. especially with the gi it makes it impossible for these guys to submit each other.. they are all too good. The only match I cared about besides Nick's was Kyra Gracie because she is hot as fuck



    It's really starting to sound like Nick might no show.
  20. Why do you think he'll no show? :(

    There's so many X Gracie's I swear.
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