Nick Gives Better Christmas gifts than Knight

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  1. Nick walks into the scene, wearing a hoodie and jeans. He laughs and looks into the camera.

    "They said I have multiple personality disorder, but lets be honest here, I'm always this happy! I want to give some gifts to the wrestlers in the IWT that I haven't really acknowledged yet. So first up, Bruce Knight!"

    Nick reaches into a bag and digs until he pulls out a medal. He moves the camera closer, making the writin legible. It reads, "Honorable Mention". "I thought I'd give you this for your efforts at giving gifts. You have it a good shot, but your gifts just aren't as good as mine. You need some recognition, so I hope the next time I'll be seeing you you'll be wearing this!"

    He moves the medal over to the side and then grabs a dictionary. "For my dearest friend FTJ, I bestow this dictionary upon you. I see you've been struggling with spelling, so I thought id give you a hand. Now when you're writing your scripts for your god awful promos, you'll at least be able to spell correctly!"

    "Ah yes, for Jonathan," he says as he pulls out a Domino's gift card. "For you, I would like to give this $50 Dominos gift card. You deserve it, IWT wouldn't be a disaster without you."

    Nick puts the card down. "That's all for now. Tune in next time!"

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  2. Knight peaks out from the corner looking unamused. He goes back to his locker room and puts his Santa suit on. He grabs the remaining presents and he takes a shovel with him. He goes back to around the corner and peaks out to look for nick.
    Knight: Hey, Nick....I have a present for you.....It's something......'Special'......For Special People like you......
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  3. Nick turns and hears his voice. He stops and his expression goes from cheerful to annoyed in a second.

    "What do you want?"
  4. Suddenly Aids walks around the corner, wearing a huge smile on his face, rocking a bandanna over his head-wrap from when he got hit with a vagina earlier. He walks up to Knight, followed by 8 security guards, holding his hand out. Knight laughs, throwing Aids' keys over his head, before Aids smiles, delivering a punch straight to the dick for Knight, putting him on the ground momentarily. The security form a small wall around Aids, since he has a match tomorrow morning, and needs to get home tonight in his own vehicle.

    Aids tosses a handful of change out of his hand and in front of Knight as he walks out, yelling out "thanks buddy" as he moves away.
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  5. Knight gets up and Looks at Nick.
    Knight: Oh....You know.....I Just want to Bash your head in.....
    Knight lifts the shovel up and goes to hit Nick with it.
  6. Nick takes the bump like a fucking champ and oversells it. He stands staggered for a few moments and begins rocking back and forth, unt he falls face first. He manages to whisper, "Damn... you HHH"
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  7. Aids pokes his head back around the corner. "I didn't do anything bro." before leaving again,
  8. Knight walks off, Smiling as he does.
    Knight: HO HO HO.....Merry Christmas, Nick.....Your Present was a Concussion......and maybe some form of brain damage......HO HO HO, Merry Christmas.....Now, I'm off to steal another car.....(Or I'll just Take Jonathan's dirty Pick up truck.)
    Knight leaves toward the parking lot.
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