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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood in the ring waiting to address the crowd*

    (Gav the chav) now then cheeky ****s its me your favourite fucking chav now later on today im facing nick the jock the biggest cheeky **** in IWT you i mean who the fuck does he think he is the fucking bellend He thinks he is Fucking frank the jock

    you know who else is a fucking cheeky **** the new IWT gm @Tsar yes you fucking cheeky ****

    *gav pulls out his contact*

    It says right there that im still owed my rematch for the IWT title therefore if im not in the IWT title match on the next show there will be serious consequences for you

  2. Michael walks out to a chorus of boos. He makes his way to the ramp with a large smile on his face before looking around, and...
    He stops dancing and puts the microphone to his mouth.

    Michael: Gav, you cheeky ****. If you knew how to read, you would know the contract you signed whilst being IWT Champion, is no longer in effect. When the IWT rebooted, you didn't sign a new contract. If you haven't noticed by the absence of your've been working here for free. I can't give a title shot to a guy who doesn't officially work here.

    Michael: Your business skills are impeccable, and I admire you for them. You should follow me back to my office and have a little negotiation over your contract. It would be in your best interest to do as I say, if you want to even lay hands on that title, again...
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  3. (Gav the chav) here right fuck going backstage to your office for these Contact negotiations lets do this right here right now here are my demands here are what i think are reasonable demands

    1, my rematch clause for the IWT belt is reinstated

    2, gav does what the fuck he wants whenever he wants

    3, when match cards are read out instead of addressing me as gav the chav you will now address me as gav 'the hardest **** i have ever met' chav

    4, gav owns all image rights to his character

    5, salary paid in alcohol and drugs instead of money

    Hmmm i think thats it for now and i think you'll agree they are all pretty reasonable so what do you say? @Tsar

    Also @Nickelodeon feel free to respond :)
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  4. Michael: You must be delusional, Gav. You're nothing more than just a half-assed tag team joker who can't hold his own with the biggest prize. You lost your chance at winning the Intercontinental Championship, what makes you think you can win the IWT title? Let's face facts, Gav, you won the title because you beat an injured man. You beat a vulnerable man, and you couldn't do it face to face. Here are my prepositions.

    1. You stay in the Intercontinental Championship division.

    2. You listen and shut up, and do what your boss says.

    3. When match cards are read, you'll be addressed as "The man who couldn't hold B.Dazzle's Jock Strap."

    4. You do whatever the fuck I tell you to do.

    Michael: I think that's very good for both parties, don't you thi-

    The crowd pops as B.Dazzle has once again made an appearance! The initial roar is overshadowed by the massive roar that pops at 0:17 seconds. Dazzle walks out onto the ramp with his sunglasses covering his eyes, a tribal pattern vest covering his bare chest and leather pants. He sniffs around and feels his goosebumps before grabbing the microphone and holds it up.

    Dazzle: Finally...Dazzle has come back to the...I...W...T

    Another massive roar erupts into a 'Fight Dazzle Fight' chant.

    Dazzle: Dazzle has been in the back listening to that suited jabroni call his good friend, Gav a half-assed tag team joker? Michael, you mokey-assed have no idea who you're talking about.

    Michael: I do kn-

    Dazzle: It doesn't matter if you know who you're talking about!

    Another massive roar erupts into a 'Dazzle' chant.

    Dazzle: Dazzle beat your ass last month, and he's gonna do it this time too. But this time he's gonna stuff his boot so far up your monkey ass, you'll be crapping out sole for 5 months straight!

    Dazzle drops the microphone and walks down the ramp to confront Michael. He begins to hit rights and lefts before hitting a Dazzle Bottom.

    Dazzle: If you smelllllllllll! What the'!

    Dazzle spends another 3 minutes interacting with the ring-side fans. It allows Michael to get up and grab the microphone. He withers in pain before speaking.

    Michael: want that contract! You ask your butt buddy to attack me? You want will have to beat Nick, later tonight to get that contract! But if you will be fired!

    Michael holds his neck in pain before calming down.

    Michael: Of course you can agree to my terms...what's it going to be cheeky ****?
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