Storyline Nick vs Ryan II: "We will not fight forever"

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  1. Jeff walks up to Ryan and leads him to sit down in front of his laptop. A video is paused with Nick staring at the ground.

    Ryan: What is this?

    Jeff: Nick's reaction to losing to you.

    Ryan begins to play the video..

    Ryan: No.... no, no, no, no, no, no. No. You wouldn't have and you couldn't have. I beat you for a reason.

    Ryan: I will never respect you, I'm glad you see that now. Also, you'll never beat my posse or steal my girl because you're not good enough. You're not good period.

    Ryan: You didn't realize anything. I beat that thought into you when I embarrassed you in front of thousands of people.

    Ryan: I'll never respect you because you will never be at the same level as me.

    Ryan: Maybe you can reinvent yourself into someone who is actually a good wrestler. Then you'd actually have a 5% chance at defeating me.

    Ryan: A version of yourself that is better than me? Wow, I actually have to give you props, a grown man who is still able to use his imagination in creating something that will never happen.

    Ryan: Much like you were going to defeat me at Survival? Before our match your words meant absolutely nothing to me because I knew they were false. Now that I've beaten you, they're pretty much a joke now.

    We had a hell of a match at Survival, most would say match of the night. Now we're going to do it again with a second match. People would say that we were meant to do this forever, that the rest of our careers will always spin around each other's and we'll have a rivalry that will go down in the history books as the greatest feud of the new generation of IWT. But that won't happen, we will not fight forever because I will defeat you once again and move on to bigger and better things that I deserve. Not because I will redeem myself, but because I've already proved it.

    I was a bit intimidated before facing you because you are a veteran here, I see that. But now it's just evidence that all you are is a shell of who you once were and just like I did the first time, I will embarrass and walk over you.

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