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  1. I'd like to say that it is a shame that I have to do this because Jonathan decided to change the card last minute without even running it by me, the guy who booked the card weeks in advance. Now I have spoken to Danielson and he was not thrilled with the face that his championship match was taken out after I had told him, weeks in advance, the he would get his title shot. Not only that, but Jonathan wants to make it so that the winner of the tournament has to wait an additional month after I already said they would be getting their shot at the next PPV. This is stuff I had meticulously planned for weeks and he decided to change them yesterday. I have also spoken to CrayJ Lee and she is ok with this and has decided to use her rematch clause at the next IWT Uprising.

    I don't think it's fair to me, fair to the people affected by this change, and fair to the section for having to see this kind of disagreement. The reason the main event was changed was because Aids Johnson thought he wasn't going to be here for the PPV. Aids has just confirmed that he will be here for his match and Jonathan refuses to edit the card, back to the ORIGINAL plans.

    I don't like doing this at all and I would have hoped Jonathan would cooperated with me, but I am now changing the main event for Night of Champions. The rest of the card will remain the same. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Jonathan if you continue to be a hinderance this will not work out well for either of us.

    IWT Championship - Sept 15

    IWT Championship Tournament Finals - Sept 14

    Intercontinental Championship - Sept 13

    No Holds Barred Match - Sept 12
    Christian Jesse Pinkman vs Britanica /w Anonymous

    Tag Team Championship - Special Guest Referee - Sept 11
    The Cure JwabTV & Eddy335 vs The Crusade Rhod & NanoRah14

    X-Division Championship - Sept 10
    DavidTheGOAT vs Adam Aries Cactus Jack

    3 on 1 Handicap Match - Sept 10
    Nick1698 vs Mike Boston rko2004,Lucas Hacksaw Samalan, & FailFaceFTW

  2. Could someone confirm if im going to face eddie or ovalhead? Still dont know and I've got to write my promos before the match
  3. You're facing Eddy & Jwab in a tag match for the titles with Jacob on your side

  5. Eddy335 Rodrigo has to write his promo before the match, so he needs to know who he is fighting. I have no problem with Ovalhead replacing you, but you have to decided whether or not you will make it or not, now.
  6. Please. I've got the same problem as you and I wont be online for more than 10 minutes. That's why i need to know it. Btw, its tomorrow I mean.. come on
  7. Aww shet nigga o3o
  8. Ovalhead will replace Eddy
  9. Stop using Jonathan as a scapegoat, breh. IWT is more than a one man fed, take some responsibility for yourself.

    Anyways, gonna be fun kicking Perfect around like an empty water bottle. Good luck to everyone who has matches.
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  10. Agreed with George. Its not always Jonathan's fault.
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  11. I'm sorry but there wouldn't be these issues if you booked Uprising more than a day apart from the PPV week...

    I've re-wrote the NoC main event 4 times in the past 24 hours. Aids still isn't 100% if he can make it as he has laptop issues. SO that means if he can't, you obviously aren't going to strip him of the title because others have had a no-show and we've let them slide, so you'd have to for him also. That means we have no main event for NoC.

    But good job. I told you in PM not to change the card. Without wanting to spoil to much, CrayJ and Danny both agreed having them face each other would work well for the Anonymous storyline, and for the plan we have for CrayJ and Brit at the next PPV.

    Danny agreed to having his shot at Uprising and CrayJ agreed to having her re-match at the next PPV.

    DKJames and MrSackfist are both reasonable guys and I know that neither of them would have an issue waiting for 1 more PPV.

    I'm being a hinderance? I was trying to solo book the show because you didn't bother to, even though you've had "the whole story planned for ages" - you make plans with users and don't even inform me.

    It's a shame that this has had to come to the public, but no way are you going to play this as if I'm changing everything to suit me. I have to inform users when their matches are, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We couldn't afford to wait until Aids got online to tell us if he's going to be here or not.

    Just because you're mod of this section, you're not the solo "in charge" here - so stop acting like it. You're replaceable, as am I. You've really changed since you became mod here. And not for the better.

  12. If Eddy doesn't show, it'll be The Crusade vs Jwab 2v1.

  13. Make up your fucking mind

  14. Well DK said in PM that Ovalhead wasn't champ so he wouldn't be in the match.

    It'll be 2v1, trust me.
  15. Can't we all just get along? No? Ok then.....

  16. :awyeah: That's the best joke I've heard all week.
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  17. But before people gave the title to other man and left the tag team division. For example after Vicky's wedding with Kid, Rodrigo became Tag Champ and he was my partner...

  18. Hey, I was willing to let Ovalhead but in PM, Dat Kid said no.

    If he's changed his mind again then w/e Ovalhead can replace him.
  19. It's OK, but I prefer a fair match. A 2v2 match tbh.
  20. I want to know who I'm facing. This is crap. Make up your mind. Kid says something and changes it 2 minutes later. Idc who I face, I need to know who's my opponent