No Big Show again!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Did anyone even notice?
  2. The show was noticably less boring, figured there was a reason for that :)
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  3. Nope, this is good news.
  4. I noticed because it was a good RAW. He really needs to be used for Ryback now and that's it. I love RAW without him.
  6. Only a good thing!

    Can't stand him as a wrestler.

    yet out the ring I appreciate he is a top bloke just bored of him in WWE terms!
  7. WEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL im okay with not seeing him EVER...........EVER Again.
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  8. Raw without Big Show is always nice. I didn't notice it, keep reminding me of that.
  9. Raw was good, No Big Slow, no Triple H recaps.

    It seemed enjoyable, even the adverts were enjoyable.
  10. :shock:
  11. I know right, and before you think anything I wasn't high. (I don't smoke) & I wasn't drunk (I don't drink) I was just really really enjoying Raw.
  12. Paradox :hmm:
  13. I meant wasn't. I'm a idiot remember.
  14. an idiot*

    Lmao. I love doing that.
  15. :upset:

    I'm an Idiot, dammit.
  16. Where has Big Show disappeared to??? has he took time off???
  17. He's growing his beard back.. So he won't be there for a few weeks..
  18. Im from Australia, and we just had a few shows here. He was at our shows. Will admit has been a little nice without him being grumpy on Raw
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  19. I didn't actually notice, thanks for pointing it out, and i agree with cult, he does seem to get abit nicer now. (Im not from australia.)
  20. I know how in the fuck bcan that now have the Big Show on the show WTF?!
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