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  1. *Joey Bryant is seen walking through the halls of IWT for the first time since his close tournament final win against Sackfist. The camera approaches him and the camera man speaks.*

    "Joey well i guess welcome back, but you finally show your face here again and you do that? Any comments?"

    *Joey just stares into the camera for a good 20 seconds and the camera man begins to walk away. All of a sudden, Joey pulls him back.*

    "In my first ever match here... you know who I beat? Adam. A few weeks later I beat Nick in the first round in the tournament. I don't think there is any doubt in either of their minds that I am a step above them. Hell, 2 months ago I was just the new kid down the block but now I'm the number one contender for the World Title. How bout that? I beat Farooq, I beat the great Sackfist and sent him packing but one thing Sack was able to do was earn my respect. That's a rare thing to hand out here. The alliance Nick, Adam, and I have formed has no leader. We all realize IWT is on the verge of crumbling beneath our feet and the only people that can truly revive it are the young guys, the new kids, the contenders. How bout that for a comment?"

    *Joey pushes the camera aside and walks down the hall as the scene fades.*
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  2. *The camera sees Joey go around the corner of the hall, The camera man falls and is being attacked, The camera gets a shot of the men its Adam Hawk and Nick1698 they are beating the camera man, Nick holds the camera fan up, He throws him at Hawk who hits a big boot, Hawk grabs the camera*​
    "This is an example of what happens when you go against The Alliance, You don't ask us questions, We ask you, We do not need to explain ourselves"​
    *Hawk drops the camera and walks off with Nick*​
  3. *Black Jesus is up in heaven watching this*
    Black Jesus: I lost all da respect I had for dat fool
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  4. *Bryant is in his locker room praying on a water bed full of kool aid*
    Joey Bryant: Forgive me, beautiful corn-rowed Jesus.
  5. Black Jesus: Get me some watermelon and a bucket of fried chicken, then we will talk.
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