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    The footage begins outside of a cathedral on the edge of a city in the middle of the night. It’s imposing frame made out of stone brick and stained glass windows. It towers over most builds near it as the camera zooms in on it as a few cars pass by. The camera soon enters the church and it shows a high roof with rows upon rows of seats separated by an aisle leading towards a preacher’s podium standing on a stage in front of white banners with golden crosses on them. This place gives off a sense of purity, forgiveness. That is why when Ivy Hale walks in with her signature fiery red hair and wearing her usual black dress, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Entering from the side, she glares around the room and steps carefully.

    “To many, places like this are where people come together. The misdeeds of the masses are forgiven, life begins, memories are made, commitments are set in stone, last goodbyes are done, and people hold hands together in peace. As pure and good-hearted as that sounds…”

    She stops for a moment and tenses up. Closing her eyes, one hand is in a fist and the other is placed on her forehead, and voices can be heard again. This one is the sound of an older man.

    “You are imperfect, my child…How dare you break the word of God! His word is sacred and if you defy him, you won’t ever be accepted by him...”

    Discomfort is seen on her face as these voices consume her yet again.

    “If you seek forgiveness then follow me…”

    There is a sound of a girl’s scream and the breath is almost taken out of Ivy. She almost whimpers but keeps herself composed by taking deep breaths in and out. Raising her hand in a fist, she says with tension in her voice.

    “I see this place as dirty, a place of exclusion, and while it looks to be made of stone, I see it as a house of cards, ready to fall at any moment. I’m not spouting random lies as I have learned this from personal experience."

    Sitting down on the bench and folding her legs to relax herself a bit, she looks around the Church and begins her story.

    “I, Ivy Hale, am quite a different girl than this place would see. But I would be forced to travel to these places weekly. I was forced to sit through countless masses, listening to stories and tales of a man and his twelve followers. At first, I tried to be a good lamb and listen, yet when I stirred, I was swiftly punished. In a way, this place was the first time I experienced what power fear really had. I tried to keep to the path, I wanted to fit in and be a part of something seemingly greater than myself…Yet the harder I tried, the harsher the punishments…and it was from ones I trusted, loved…to a point where me being myself was enough of a reason to oust me for being different.”

    Curling herself into a ball, she continues.

    “I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, they put the fear of God in me and they used it as a tool for control, and the puppet master himself…” With horror in her eyes. “Never-mind. But that was enough to destroy someone. Especially when I’d lost the ones I loved… The girl I was before, died that day. But that became a vessel for resurrection. When I finally embraced fear and chose to use that weapon for myself, Ivy Hale was born. Someone who is not human, but a monster, cold-blooded, strong, and most of all, destined to rule over them all as the Empress of Fear. Now…”

    Smirking and getting up from her seat and looking around frantically.

    “What is there next for Ivy Hale? I defeated Tyson Storm, but he wasn’t my real target in mind. He was just a step towards my goal. Well, I’ve watched IWT for a long time. But most people I have seen disgust me. There are people like Aids Johnson, Christian, “Dat Kid,” Forté and people past their prime, desperate to cling onto their fleeting fame in a chance to live their dreams one last time…Then there are newer people like Tyson Storm, Slate Bass, Buster Gates, people who are sleaze bags only aiming for pointless things like money and sin, to other newer people like Luis Ovaldinho, Chris Young, Cross, Ravana and his little Jersey douche friend, who all look to appeal for the attention and fight for honour. I don’t fit into any of these molds. I don’t place myself in any groups, very few I relate to and I’m insulted even if people tie myself in the use of the term “new era” and anyone involved in it. But…there was one person I thought was just like me.”

    Her head is down and she pouts.

    “A loner, someone who was a reject to society. I thought they had no empathy for those who turned on us and that they truly understood that with all this world tries to be good, it is made of the evil and fueled by fear. But, it all was a lie…he was a lie, but most of all, he’s bought into these lies!”

    As she says this, she takes her anger out on a nearby potted plant, breaking it and smashing the vase on the floor, spreading dirt and white flowers on the floor. She yells so that her voice echoes throughout the chapel.

    “I’m aware of these misdeeds and I haven’t forgotten! You were once special, but now you are a lamb in society, being lead. That’s why at Anarchy, I’ll make certain you get punished for your betrayal! You better be scared! Because Ivy Hale is coming for you! My crusade of fear has its next target set…and his name…”

    Her monolog is interrupted by the sound of a door on the side opening. An older man with gray hair and a black suit walks into the chapel. He wears a necklace bearing a cross and is seemingly a preacher. He approaches Ivy, seemingly calm and happy, while Ivy looks to be quite uncomfortable.

    “Well, hello there, fellow child of the Lord. I heard some noise and I thought someone was here and I was right. I’m very glad to meet you, especially someone as beautiful as yourself. My name is Father David Joseph, and yours?”

    She doesn’t respond, instead, she folds her arms and looks away from him.

    “Why you don’t need to be shy, I'm only asking for your name…”
    Father Joseph notices the fallen plant from Ivy’s fit of rage. He walks over to it and places his hand in the dirt. “Oh my, something must have knocked over the plant. I guess I have to talk to Abigail at the flower shop again to order some more…”

    Finally having enough of his exchange, Ivy finally speaks up, lashing out. “Listen here…”Father,” I am not a child of the lord. Far from it. I'm a daughter of darkness. Ivy Hale isn’t a girl that will ever be accepted by any God and the last time I asked for forgiveness, I was given something far from it. So I don’t trust people of your kind.”

    Ivy Hale starts to walk away and the preacher tries to grab her gently by her hand, in an attempt to not let her go. Instead, she forcefully grabs his wrist and speaks with fury. “I said…I don’t trust your kind. I’m not a person of your or any other person’s church. I’ll never be accepted...Leave me be.”

    Reluctantly, he nods and Ivy lets go of his hand, where it is now red where it was grabbed. She storms out of the room, leaving the pastor there, almost shaking as the camera fades away.
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