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    Rio Nakayama is standing once more in the set we have familarized ourselves with. Once again clothed in his trademark black suit. For the first time since his arrival, he initially acknowledges the camera with a smile rather than a scowl. He invites the audience in closer with the ushering of his arms. Only when we get closer do we realize that the smile he wears is clearly false as the corners of his mouth slightly quivering with frustration.

    I don't think you quite understood me.

    The corners of his mouth now have stopped quivering as his smile slowly starts to retreat and his brow furrows to form the ever so often scowl on Nakayama's face, he tries his best to maintain the somewhat friendly demeanour but soon he is quite visibly annoyed.

    I told you before Anarchy and post Summerslam that my redemption, my full redemption was coming Michael, I told you, the fans, I told the IW3 and I also most importantly put my target on the Television Championship. So, Imagine my glee and then instant displeasure at finding that due to unforseen circumstances, Kelsey Taylor was offering her Championship oppurtunity to me of all people, she told me that she wanted to see the title validated and I agree, the nonsense going on now is not only deplorable, it's downright disgusting.

    A psychotic Man-Child and a complete joker, a fake character are current treating that Championship as if it were second-rate trash with their ridiculous and downright masturbatory selection of stipulations and now I hear they wish to repeat these atrocities in a third match with yet another pathetic hardcore variation added on because it isn't like this Championship could get any lower. It doesn't matter to them that I was hand-picked to validate the belt, Schizo refused to face me on the account of unfinished business with Eddy yet it was a match he defenitively won and now one that he is undeniably lost. So what's the reasoning behind this pure idiotic decision? Self-Presevation, just as the younger Lion know his place in the pride, Schizo has elected to stay in his place in the company to survive for now, he has decided to stay put because if there is one thing he has been intelligent about it is about knowing his limits, what you saw earlier, that retched failure, was his limit Embarassing I know.

    Rio Nakayama wipes over his face with his hand, taking a minute to proccess everything before contuining.

    So you may be asking yourself, where does Rio Nakayama go from here when he has two men stuck in their own little world refusing to acknowledge the rest? Well, Rio Nakayama goes the way he was always going to go, for the Television Championship, I do not care that Michael wants to have this Deja-Vu match on repeat and I care even less about the two men currently vying for it. The only thing I care about is my limit and I know, I truly know that it reaches past the Television Championship, I have no limit. So, I will defeat Eddy, Schizo, Michael, Kid, Antonio, Johnson, Dragon, Jacobs, Fargo, the list goes on and on, I will defeat all who share that ring with me and do not share my ideals. That is not a request, or an empty promise, it is simply fact.

    Nakayama slowly turns to reveal a Mask plastered on the wall which we couldn't see during the rest of the segment, he gently removes it and holds it in his hands. His back still facing the camera.

    They say a man with no limits has no fear but right now I am terrified, terrified of the consequences of not only my failure but of the Bullad Club's in the ongoing war to make IWT the best wrestling company on the planet. That is wrong of me to do, I should cast that away but even then I still have another fear and it's not for me or the Bullad Club but for my opponents. If I have no Limit then I must have no remorse, no sense of right or wrong, no envy, no pride. The only thing I must do to reach the top is to win at all costs and I promise you I fully mean at all costs!

    Rio Nakayama places the mask on his face.

    A man with No Limits has no fear.


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  3. Not mentioned, obvi leaving BC so we can be the tag division's Billy and Chuck.
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  4. the heck is this?!
  5. Just letting it be known that stepping out of line and away from the Club's goal will result in serious punishments.

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