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  1. *A cameraman is making his way to the exit after SummerSlam, but spots Andrew sitting on a crate; who is seemingly moving his left hand uncontrollably.*
    *He decides to pan in on him. Andrew slightly tilts his head for a moment, and starts to talk.*
    I went out there and gave it my all tonight, but it just wasn't good enough. Even though I came up short again, I didn't lose. I only win, and learn. You see, it's all about your state of mind. And for me, I'm looking at the bright side of things. For instance- my buddy, my friend beat Kaizer for the European title. Congrats, you earned it. But, not only did Midas get what he was after, the newest addition to Sin did as well. Good for you, Lee.

    *Andrew seems to become more tense, and his voice becomes more stern*
    With SummerSlam at a close let's look forward to Night of Champions. Presumably every title is supposed to be on the line, and the tag rematch that was scheduled for the event might not come into fruition. So, whatever happens and whoever we end up facing I want to let you know something. I'll be damned if we came this far to lose now! I'm going to do everything it takes to walk out the victor, no matter the cost. One thing is for sure, there will be no more 'Mr.Nice Guy' going forward.

    *Andrew throws his baseball cap at the ground, and walks off*
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