No new GM for Smackdown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 28, 2012.

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  2. In the weeks before, they were advertising a permanent Raw AND Smackdown GM so....:urm:
  3. No they advertised new gms for RAW and Smackdown. As in plural.
  4. Hopefully its Regal, no idea how but make it happen.
  5. #RegalForSDGM
  7. I figured the new GM (AJ) would be the permanent GM for both shows. It's silly to give a different GM for each show given that it's all practically one show now.
  8. I don;t know who they might choose playa.
  9. Regal will be perfect choice. Don't choose teddy <.<
  10. I didn't see any Teddy on Smackdown so far. Need to finish watching it though.
  11. Regal or no one. Long can gtfo.
  12. Long, :gtfo:


    Or else I wouldn't mind if Cole was GM of Smackdown, that would actually be very entertaining.


    Yeah heel Hornswoggle.
  14. #BringBackEdge

    (Or Regal would work too)
  15. I'm not sure whether they need GMs at all, but Regal as SD GM would be nice.
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