Storyline No one to save you this time Aiden

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  1. The scene opens with a shot of a treeline of a forest. A hooded figure sits by a small fire as the camera gets closer. The light from the small fire dancing along the tree line. The hooded figure is Trip in the Head and he begins to speak with his back to the camera, messing with something it looks like he is trying to cook on a stick.

    Oh Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. You get one lucky pin over me with the help of your friend and now you can certainly talk the talk. You should have been the one falling under the influence at our last match, but your tag team partner had to “save” you. Well, now he’s the one that knows what it feels like. You may have escaped the pain for now, but when we meet in the European title tournament everyone will see if you can walk the walk. You will feel the agony Brandon did for yourself. Tenfold. Then we will see how much you run that mouth of yours.

    Trip takes a bite from whatever it was he was cooking. He has to rip the meat off forcefully with his teeth. As he raises his head back up to chew he continues after he swallows.

    You know, I can’t help but wonder - why do you keep bringing up the Order? You act as if I was the one who disbanded the group. I was the one abandoned Ryan. My own tag partner vanished without a trace and left no hints as to where he had gone. There was no split in the group – it just faded away. But did you or any of the members who were left step up to keep the group alive? No. You let it die when you didn’t have to. And now you blame me. Typical. Why take responsibility when you can push the blame to someone else. You said it yourself – I was the face of this organization. I had a very important job to do Aiden. And you think I should’ve just pushed it all aside for you, huh? Selfish to the last breath I see.

    Trip stands slowly and a zipper can be heard. The hiss of the fire going out as Trip pisses on it can be heard. He shakes it off and puts it away before he continues, still not facing the camera.

    You may believe you are the next big thing in this company Aiden – but that doesn’t matter. The fans and superstars of this company are fickle. They will turn on you in an instant. They bitch about what they want, you give it to them, and they still bitch some more. Just like you are doing now. Did I whine and cry about that loss I took last week to you? No. Was I in disbelief at you gaining a pin over me? Of course I was, but now I get you all to myself in the Euro tournament Aiden. You’ll have no friends to save you from my clutches this time.

    Trip in the Head turns to the camera suddenly, spooking the camera man who shakes the camera around before resettling it on his shoulder. Once the camera is steadied Trip's scarred face and eye patch can be barely be seen in the sparse light but he walks right up to the camera and speaks with a more angered tone in his voice.

    You speak long and hard about these “connections” Aiden, when the only connections you should concerned with is my fist connecting with your face, your head connecting with the mat, and finally….the ref’s hand connecting with the mat as he counts *Trip extends his fingers as he counts*

    Trip shoves the camera out of the camera man's hands by the lens as the feed is cut.

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