No Surrender Poster

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  1. Nice. I don't fully understand the Captain America-looking symbol in the top center, but OK. I personally think it looks nice overall.
  2. Captain America wants to have a chat with the douche that cut up his shield. It was expensive.
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  3. Difference between TNA and wwe. TNA aren't adfraid to show all of their talent :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Similar to last year's, but this year it don't have :steiner: on it.
  5. Sorry but they need to fire the guy that makes these.
  6. Ahh, that explains it!

    Honestly, that kind of distracts from the poster for me, just because it's so big and bright compared to the rest of it. But, I like that they feature multiple wrestlers rather than just one to three.
  7. I agree with Crayo. Dixie and Serj needs to send their 15 year old son to Photoshop classes, since it obviously is a 15 year old that makes their posters.
  8. Bearable in TNA poster standards.
  9. This. Compared to others I've seen previously, it's not "that" bad.
  10. This looks alright, I don't get all the hate :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Looks good to me. All the haters are just douche bags and hipsters.
  12. I think it's alright
  13. i not sure if i like ¬.¬
  14. I agree it looks alright, especially compared to others I've seen. I just think it could have been a little better at least, and the whole Captain America looking shield at the top just bugs me. lol Otherwise, I'm glad it includes multiple wrestlers and think it looks nice overall.