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  1. Has this ever happened to you?

    Based God Darth sits in the Locker Room with his head on his hands.

    Darth: "Aw shucks, I never get booked"

    or this

    Pschankovsky watches a match from backstage with a tear in his eye

    Pskank: "I wish someone would fight me"

    or even this

    2012. Dat Kid walks to Brit's office, but before he can knock on the door FTJ shoves him out of the way, walks in the office, and slams the door in Kid's face.

    Britanica: OH YES FRANK!
    Britanica: Whatever you say baby!

    Dat Kid stands outside the office with his head down.

    Dat Kid: I wish I could see Britanica nake- I mean wish I had a title.

    Well all of that can be yours!

    I'm Dat Kid, former IWT Comissioner, Champion, Manager, & Dude in the production truck! I've been in all avenues of the IWT since the beginning and I know how to make people stars, just look at all my former clientele.

    Suicide: Thanks to Dat Kid, I was able to win the World Heavyweight Championship via forfe-
    Jwab and David: Thanks to Dat Kid we got title shots. We lost th-
    Joey Bryant: I was already kind of a big deal before I even met Dat Ki-
    Victoria Parker: His penis is really sma-

    So if you're not in line for a title shot and have no rivalry. Send a PM to the creative mastermind Dat Kid and he will set you up with a rival and a great storyline to tag that rivalry to. This is perfect just in time for mania season, so if you don't have a match at mania, never fear, because Dat Kid is here!

    Working with Dat Kid will not guarantee you a spot a wrestlemania. Storyline quality is affected by your own effort. Dat Kid will not manage you or be associated with you in any capacity in IWT unless storyline calls for it. Dat Kid has the right to cease working with people he feels are inept at any given time.

    PM Now!
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  2. lmfao that killed me.
  3. I guess you forgot to interview Airbourne?
  4. what's an airbourne?
  5. Evan.
  6. What's a Dat Kid?
  8. :pity2: fight me
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  9. Stop sending me messages everyone, I'm not Dat Kid.
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  10. When Aids uses those Cena gifs.
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