Survivor Series No Traditional Survivor Series match?

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  1. 1 week away from Survivor Series and only 3 matches are on the card (unless the semi finals is added to the card as well). Do you think they will book a traditional Survivor Series match? Given the current feuds and storyline lines, who do you think could realistically be in one?

    I think Team Cesaro vs Team Stardust could happen

    Luche Dragons


    The Ascension
    King Barret
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  2. The artistic geniuses in WWE's creative division seem to have forgotten about the traditional SS match happening at the event itself.

    They gave it away for free on RAW on November the 2nd episode.

    For a moment, it seemed like it was going to be The Wyatt Family vs Brothers of Destruction, and now we're left with a tag match featuring two members of The Wyatt Family vs BoD.

    They could book Team Cesaro vs Team Stardust, I guess. I mean, there've been teases of the two possibly feuding. But hell, it wouldn't surprise me if the traditional SS match was left out of the card.
  3. This'll not happen. Like you said, a shitty SS match like the Cesaro/Stardust match will happen. They've shown too many SS matches in build-up videos for Survivor Series to not do one.
  4. After Rollins fucked up they forgot about everything else in the universe, so we only get like a little hype while something is randomly is thrown together.
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  5. Just like Shaddix said. Maybe they'll have some of the tournament people in there, so they can't announce "Cesaro's gonna be guy #3 in the 5 on 5 match! WWE network everyone! 9.99!" while he's still in the tournament, right?

    Just a shame that it will be something like "these four guys vs these other four guys". Boo
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if it was left out. Half-ass on-the-fly-booking will be done to get one booked. But I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't, at all.
  7. Just saying that it wouldn't surprise me if the SS match was left out. This is WWE after all.

    If they do add it last minute this Monday on RAW, they'll half-ass it just like they do with everything else. So, who cares
  8. 2 semifinals, finals, lame tag match that should be a 4 on 4, tag title match, divas title match, four on four match, that's seven matches and enough time for them all...
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  9. I guess The Usos will be facing The New Day for the tag titles. God, I hope those lame ass turds do not dethrone The New Day.
  10. its disappointing the Bray Wyatt probably won't even be in the tag match, and also wasn't even in the tournament.
  11. He'll probably be involved in the tag match in some way, if he doesn't end up being a participant.
  12. Was hoping it would be the Dragons, but following that big win over Ryback with jobbing to ADR and then not winning the tag titles is tremendously lame.

    Even as someone who likes the Usos, over the New Day? OH HELL TO THE... *ahem* Hell no!

    Figuring it'll be Wyatt and Strowman vs the Brothers, may as well bring your biggest guns to the fight, right?
    But then there's no finish. Maybe it'll be Harper instead so someone can eat a pin.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what the title match at Takeover: UK will be. Any predictions?
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  14. Well, Crews will be busy with Corbin, so we're probably getting Joe vs Finn. Finn wins via pinfall or count-out. Or, they could do something else.
  15. I'm down for a fatal 4 way, yo.
  16. Hopefully its Bray and Braun instead of Harper and Rowan. But I have a feeling its gonna be the opposite.

    And I don't think The Usos will go over New Day. I think New Day, The Usos, the Dudleyz, and possibly the Luchas will be in a TLC match next month and the Dudleyz will finally go over.

    And Im really looking forwards to Joe vs Finn, I have a feeling Finn is gonna drop the belt and eventually be moving up to the main roster.
  17. I am, too.

    I could also see it happening at the next Takeover in February [Finn could drop it there] if they decide to skip it at TO: London. Although if Crews is their next guy, then I guess it'd be better if Finn dropped the title in a 1-on-1 match instead. We'll see.

    Corbin/Crews feud may culminate at TO: London, but it may also culminate on NXT TV. There are a couple of ways to go for this Joe/Finn and Corbin/Crews story
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  18. yeah ikr lol fuck wwe shitty wrestling njpw 4 life brother

    it makes no sense whatsoever to not have a SS match, if they've built up the entire match type for 2 weeks straight
  19. It won't make sense not to have a traditional SS match, indeed. But this is WWE after all. :henry2:
  20. Met with a buddy of mine who's the opposite of many of us - who thinks the old guys should be respected as veterans and deserve one last runs instead of "just GTFO" - and we had fun talking up just who the Brothers would team with (granted they've already proven they can win 2 on 4 but meh), talking up the Dudleys or Balor or Cesaro or Big Show or possibly (not) Ambrose and Roman or... Then brought up how on Smackdown they announced it would be a 2v2 match and you could just see the disappointment in his eyes.

    if they built up Strowman and had this guy wreck Reigns and Ambrose for months just to have him job to Taker, that's beyond idiotic. Then again, it's not like they didn't have Wyatt beat the shit out of Ambrose for months before just feeding him to Taker, right? Right?

    if they have Wyatt eat the pin just for Roman to win the belt as a face, then congrats, that's one less title contender for no reason

    if the Wyatts win, I guess they could pin Kane but they gotta make Taker look strong for WM