No Way Out Trailer (Funny)

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  1. :yes:
  2. Awesome, far too creative for WWE though surely!?

  4. Living the dream with Daniel Bryan being a PPV headliner :))
  5. Yes but it gonig to Kane in the match with CM Punk or it going to be Tripe Threat U know he want that belt! YES!
  6. No it's not...
  7. I don't know what kind of show you watched. But in our world there were no traces of Kane wanting the title. Just Kane being the random force of destruction that he is.
  8. haha i like it :D :yes:

    What's the beef with Daniel and AJ anyway?

    I wonder what will be at steak for D-bry come NWO. I think he will face CM Punk for the WWE title. D-bry will get Creamed though cause he's a chicken. Once punk beats his ass he wont liver nother day! He'll make mincemeat out of him! Their match at OTL was awesome so i cant wait for them to meat in the ring once again! It's going to be eggcellent! WWE will make lots of money from that match, infact they'll milk it for all it's worth! Icecream like a little girl just thinking about this match!. They're going to put their heart and sole into this! all wil be re-veal-ed!

    lols stupid vegan has no mussels.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. You're talking a load of fish. There's no beef between AJ and D-Bry, he's obviously still porking her.

    Personally I think CM Punk is goosed when it comes to NWO. The silly basstard deserves to have his sole destroyed, the stupid little shrimp.

    I have no doubts that Daniel Bryan will beat the duck out of CM Punk, and Punk will deerly regret ever agreeing to a match with him - he's goosed.
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  11. Lol. very creative indeed.
  12. :true:


  13. [​IMG]
  14. Great trailer, very creative.

  15. [​IMG]

    Show Spoiler
    A match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk is going to be Legen, WAIT FOR IT!... Dairy!!
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