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    Go here to vote >>>
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and will determine the #1 contenders
    to the IWT Tag Team Titles!

    The bWo (@Indy and @Muuuftah ) Vs Cole Pain (@RedDwarfTechy and @The ReagMaster)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. Before the match gets a chance to start, the Desperadoes theme song hits the air and Andrew and Midas step out on the stage, both men dressed in fine silk suits and with their tag belts around their waists, Midas European title resting on his left shoulder. Both men have glasses of wine in their hands and Andrew also has a bucket of popcorn. They walk to the ring before grabbing a pair of chairs and sitting down with the commentary team. Midas reaches over to one of the commentary mics.

    Oh don't mind us! We're just here to see whoever ends up having the displeasure of facing the two of us later in the show. Now let' get the show on the road people!

    Andrew and Midas sit back and relax, waiting for the first team to come out.

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  3. [Muuuftah & Danny Jocobs make their way towards the ring flipping and mocking the fans as they walk down the ramp]

    Well, well, well... Look what we have here, the b W F'N o in a number one contenders match for the Tag Team championship...

    [Muuuftah pauses for a second]

    Y'know I should be happy that we're in this position, but I'm not. The fact we're here facing two Steffano's by the name of "Cole Pain" makes me sick, It proves that we're already bein' disrespected by the power above.

    Did we expect this? Hell Fuckin' yes. Y'see everywhere we've been we've been held back, we've been censored.... Why? Because what we speak is the 100% truth. When we say we're going to takeover you best fuckin' believe we're going to take over. And so far that's exactly what's happened despite all the censors in place the power above could not keep us censored and the very foundations of their federations have crumbled at our feet and we have stood there laughing at their incompetence to run a damn business.

    Talkin' about incompetence that's exactly what I see when I look at "Cole Pain". They talk about how they deserve to win a shot at the Tag Team Championships but how can they deserve anything when they're incompetent? They're incomplete, they're missing the simple formula of being real men. How can they represent something if they're a phony shadow of what the bWo are? Just ask yourself that.

    [Muuuftah passes the mic over to Danny Jacobs]​
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    Danny Jacobs takes the mic from Muuuftah. He starts walking in a circle talking to himself for 5 seconds. He suddenly stops walking, and looks possessed while beginning to speak.

    The bWo is here to destroy the faggots that are in this company, and we're more than ready to do just that with the two biggest faggots that this company has ever seen. Muuuftah is right, maybe we should be happy, but I think we don't even need this match to solidify that we deserve to be on top. Cole Pain, you guys aren't anything in here. I admire the fact that you guys have the balls to face us in this ring, but that doesn't mean I like the two of you. It takes a lot of guts to face us in our debut, while we have something to prove, but that also means you guys are stupid to face the likes of us. We're real men. It simply isn't smart to go against us. We're here to make a statement, to make us look like legitimate contenders and if that means we have to go through you guys, than we'll do that. We're superior. We have something to prove, and we'll do anything to prove that we're the best. Actually, scrap that. We don't have to prove that we're the best because we don't have to prove anything.

    You guys are a stepping stone for us. A stepping stone to go to the top of the mountain, and conquer that mountain to not only be on top, but stay on top until we die. I know that you guys are simply to dumb to understand that we're on a mission. A mission to destroy everyone in our path. I'm sure people won't like it, but me and Muuuftah will be the future of this company and I don't mean just in the Tag Team Division. We will conquer this company, we will be the brick wall for everyone to climb to prove that they're the best. Nobody will be able to beat us because nobody dares to go to the heights that we dare, nobody wants to go to the lengths that we want, and the reason for that is is that nobody is the man that me, Jones and Muuuftah are. We are special, one of a kind, and we will prove that by beating Cole Pain, and by becoming the new tag team champions.

    Danny Jacobs stops talking about Cole Pain, but suddenly turns around to talk to the Tag Team Champions, Andrew and Midas.

    Watch and learn, boys.

    Danny Jacobs drops the mic, and they begin to wait for their opponents, Cole Pain.
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  5. Entrance (open)

    The lights start to flicker and goes off. Suddenly bright red lights light up the entrance area as the music hits.

    The crowd pops and Pain walks out, taking his time making his way to the ring and rolls in under the ropes and makes his way in between the ropes brushing past both members of bWo as he gets to the other side of the ring handed a microphone. Grinning ear to ear, and looking around the ring and just taking a deep breath.

    Pain brings the mic up and starts to

    "I don't even know who you both are.. I mean, I know this place is struggling but damn, they're getting desperate if they let you in."

    He walks over to Muuuftah

    "So Muffman, you feel disrespected? annoyed? pissed?"

    He groans

    "Well boo friggin hoo. Unlike you two delusional lunatics we have actually won matches. Ever heard of that? Winning? Who Am I kidding... one look at you and it's clear you have no idea what winning is. I mean you two are so stupid that you seem to think you deserve this match"

    He looks around

    "I mean, come on. Get real. You have 0 matches under your belt, 0 wins."

    He shakes his head.

    "You people seem to think people back there don't like you but the fact is, if those spineless fools you call management didn't get their jollies from you, you wouldn't be IN this match. You wouldn't even be on the card. You are NOTHING. NOBODY."

    He walks over to Danny.

    "bWo huh? Is that the Bitchy Whiney Order? Because that is all I hear, bitching and moaning and whining and Danny boy, it's cringe worthy. I mean every word you say sound like the generic newbie drivel we've heard time and time again. Let's look back yeah? The Order of the night, actually did do something along the lines of dominating... but where are they? gone. The New Generation wanted to destroy everything on their path"

    He laughs

    "God I have never met a group more delusional than them... until I met you smegheads"

    He takes a deep breath

    "This is the thing about brick walls my delusional little friends, one well placed strike, and they go crumbling down. And tonight, bWo is not a wall, it's not even a fence. Heck, you're that puddle we'll side step just because we don't want to dirty our boots, because our boots are actually worth something."

    He looks down at the mic Danny dropped

    "Oh you innocent flower, pick that up, won't you? go on"

    He gestures to the mic.

    "I'll pretend like you did it because you wanted to and not because i told you to."

    He nods.

    "Scout's honour"

    He holds up three fingers making the scout's honour sign and then starts dropping one each from both side as he starts to flip them the bird.

    "Because trust me, we're just getting started."

    He smirks and waits for his team mate to come.​
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  6. *The Familar Theme song Echos through the arena As the Crowd Roars for the Arrival of The British Kid who Stands at top of the ramp pointing at The BWO then slowly Turns to point at the Desperados and does the Classic Title Taunt before Running down the Ramp and Sliding through the Bottom Rope and High-Fives Pain before Climbing on the TurnBuckle and stares at his fans before Grabbing a Mic*
    Kid: Well Well Well....Look who we have here...a Couple of Nobodys who have somehow,Someway got themselves a number 1 Contenders match Against Mr. Brandon Pain and The British Kid,Congrats you just made your First match a loss.

    *Kid sarcastly Claps before Contining*

    Kid: so Muuuftah you say we are Shadows of the BWO but 1 Problem unlike you we dont Complain Every Second of Our Careers! because infront of me i dont see Real men i see Babies who after this match will complain that "Trip has Screwed us again!" and after a couple more losses you will quit like 4 Fifths of The Dudes with Tude!
    so Muf..have fun while it lasts!

    *Kid looks over at Jacobs*

    Kid: 2 Biggest Faggots in the company? didnt you hear? TNG have been pulled out of this match but in all Seriousness, its nice to know you went the generic Stable path a mission to Destroy everyone in our path? CHECK! Future of this Company? CHECK! One of a Kind? TRIPLE CHECK! So godamn Generic.....British Pain is going to Beat some Orignalty into you two and then both of you will bow down to THE BRITISH SUPERKICK!

    *Kid Leans against the Ropes as he awaits the Response*
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  7. what are you thinking Trip?
  8. Voted, letting you know since I'm on my mobile.
  9. i've never been m0re pr0ud
  10. Bbe, Good opener this is....lacks a Jones manager promo...
  11. Jones couldn't make it. Hence why Muf is my partner.
  12. Nothing much. Just the usual
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  13. Your winners of the match, with an average of 6.592592593 to 6.444444444 and the NEW #1 Contenders to the IWT Tag Team Championships... The b...W....o!!!

    Full results here >>>

    Note: @JONES your vote was removed, you're not part of the match but you're part of the same stable. I let you off this time with just removing your vote, next time your team will be disqualified.

    I will say that personally, I think @Forrest and @Ovalhead Le Jobber were too generous with their voting. I know everyone has their own opinion, but it's unanimous across the board that 8s, 9s and 10s aren't the average score given.
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  14. No offense to the participants - but I agree
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  15. congrats @Muuuftah and @Indy on the win Bready beats Velvet...AGAIN! lol
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  16. I'm still voting on my partner's matches, sooooo:russo: