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  1. Since the awards got deleted before and there is no way to return them to the recipients, new awards have been added to make up for the loss of the old ones.

    So... if you had any awards in the past, please tell me what they were and I'll be sure to return them to you promptly.

    Saying that, you are also free to nominate yourself for any new awards that you think are appropriate - The list of awards can be found there.

    Also, for the "Thread Discussion" award, it would be greatly appreciated if you posted proof of the threads you participated in, thank you.
  2. I'll take the star one, thanks good day. Cus im the 1st to post
  3. "Given to users who have contributed vast amounts to the site." If contributing low quality posts got you the award, you would have had it the minute you signed up, unfortunately they don't.
  4. Contributor
    Thread Discussion

    Reason: I had them before, I had 6 in total. I know the reputation one has been removed, trying to figure out which other one has gone.
  5. Done.
  6. Thanks.
    What was the other one removed apart from reputation? [​IMG]
  7. Can't remember.
  8. Twitter
    Thread discussion

    These are the ones I remember having.

    HQ star thing is gone also.
  9. No worries :)

  10. Need HQ star back, that was seabs' award!

  11. Done.
  12. I had these awards..

    Thread Discussion (40+ posts) (100+ posts) (100+ posts)


    Is twitter award still going on?

  13. Done. Yes, yes it is.
  14. Twitter

    I think you forgot this.

  15. Done.
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  16. Twitter
    Thread Discussion

    are the ones I had..

    Enthusiast is the one I want :D
  17. Still didn't get Enthusiast :cry:
  18. No one has it :)!
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