Nominating myself for award (Problem)

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by William, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Nominating myself for the Spammer and Fan of the week awards. Also the Team Pipebomb award. I'd do it in the thread but every time I tried it sent me to the front page of the thread and didn't post it for me so I made this thread.

    Hopefully this works and if someone knows the problem please help.

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  2. I also was able to get the spammer award yesterday :dafuq:
  3. it is a bug in long threads. when a person makes a post that creates a new page in the thread sometimes it bugs and the next page cant be accessed until another person makes a post.


    hmm i think this might be different bug now. Posts not show up at all now even after another person makes a post. :((
  4. You already had this when you made the thread lol.
  5. Crayo :yuno: give me spammer
  6. :yuno: nominate.
  7. liar.
  8. I gave him them right after RAW finished you derp.

    Edit: Nvm, 5 minutes after. Didn't even see this thread so shh Big Flop!
  9. I did a couple days ago :upset:
  10. yeah right....
  11. Done link. Closing before this becomes a 2nd nomination thread.
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