Storyline Non Existent Nostalgia

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  1. We join Percy Donohue sitting on his sofa in his house being interviewed.

    Interviewer: We're here at Percy Donohue's residence. Percy, what was it like in NGW?

    Percy: Well, I'm not really the one to ask. What's your name, again?

    Interviewer: Howard.

    Percy: Well. I'm not really the one to ask about that, Howard. I didn't even have a proper televised match as El Majestico. Just a couple of dark matches and house shows really.

    Howard: Speaking of the Majestic Luchador, what was it like being Majestico?

    Percy: That's a good question. I just felt more comfortable "hiding" behind a mask than showing my face. When I wore the mask I just felt..... Better. Like a better person than I am. I connected with the fans more. It almost felt natural to wear the mask.

    Howard: There are quite a few NGW alumni here in IWT. What are your feelings towards them?

    Percy scratches his chin for a moment

    Percy: Well, like I did, some have changed or tweaked their character. Ryan Davis no longer thinks he is God and doesn't want to break people's hands. And that's about it. I'd like to meet up with the ones who aren't out to put me in a wheelchair.

    Howard: One last question, any regrets?

    Percy thinks long and hard about the question

    Percy: Probably my only regret is not being on Anniversary. Although is that a regret? No then. No regrets.

    Howard: Thank you for your time.

    The camera pans to one of Percy's photos on the wall.


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