Non-title Feud!

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Baraa, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. @"Respect Gohan6425" we have bad blood between us, lets do it the kayfabe way :bury:
    Lets settle our rivalry with this feud, I'm ashamed to have the same favorite wrestler as yours, and I'm sure he is too.

    So, just like our favorite wrestler said, if you have a bit of manhood between your legs, you get your ass down here to settle this once and for all. :punk:


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  2. Take it to PMs. This isn't a place to rant over petty arguements. This is for IWT titles.
  3. No it's a kayfabe IWT feud, it would be great to have non-titles feuds here, you can't expect all the matches here to be title matches.
  4. I'm going to keep his open until @Jonathan learns to report the OP and not his post.
  5. What?????????:cornette:
  6. Slipped my mind.
  7. Nothing.
  9. What in the blue hell is going on? :rock:
  10. Question: Is this section completely dedicated for official titles? Or can kayfabe feuds between real member battles occur? @Britanica
  11. What's the argument about?
  12. I don't see why not, there are only so many titles.
  13. Well see, Lady D and Jen are saying that on Skype. No one has ever said that you can have kayfabe feuds here before, that's why I said no. When Brit comes back like tuesday she may say otherwise, but I know it's going to turn personal down the line and then someone will complain to you and the section will just be removed eventually.
  14. If so, I'll be having a Baraa vs the system feud, and start my quest for change in the face of your madness along with Xanth and Big Hoss.
  15. Most interesting feuds are NON-TITLE FEUDS, Jonathan. #watchWWE
  16. I have it set up for #1 contenders matches. If two non-title holders want to feud to build up for a #1 contenders match, that it fine. There will be non-title matches happening here. If it gets out of control though, I will have to close the threads and make a rule against it.

    I wont tolerate member on member battles if they are not in relation to IWT.
  17. Alright, sounds awesome :).
  18. This wasn't for a #1 contenders match or for a title, hence why I posted what I did.
  19. It was to set up a feud though. :pity:
  20. It wasn't? It was because Baraa want's to be cool :rock: