Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Dirk Diggler [VOTING NOW]

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  1. Non-Title Match: @PSachkovsky vs @"Dirk Diggler"

    This is a straight match, one promo each.
    No images, videos, livestreams etc.

    Once each promo has been posted,
    voting will begin and last for 48 hours.

    Promos are open NOW.
    Voting is open NOW.
  2. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    LOL What the...?
    Who booked this match?
    I already have 2 title matches , I don't have time for this, not even a quick squash.
  3. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    PSachkovaky PM'd me asking for me to book it. I presumed you had said yes? :dawg:

    "I heard you are the booker of IWT. So I talked with Mr. Baraa, and decided that I want to challenge him. Can you make the match?"
  4. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa


    @Baraa you told me to talks to Jonathan.
  5. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    PSachkovsky wins via showing up, Baraa wasn't aware he even had a match so stayed at home.
  6. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    He asked me for a title shot for the European title and since I'm not the champion, I told him that it's up to you and Britanica.

    I have no problem with him facing the winner of the WM European title match at the next PPV, but I can't have another match with him now since I'm already booked in 2 title matches this week, and this is my first exams week. :sad:
  7. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Oh, Alright. Than I have no problem with that. I will face the winner for the European title.
  8. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Yes and I still don't mind you getting a title match, but this is a non- title match in the same day that I'm having a European title match and tomorrow is my CW title match.
  9. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Thanks for understanding buddy :otunga:
  10. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    I had such a great promo I wrote in such a short time span...

    :p Nontheless, can @Jonathan cancel this match?
  11. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    I'll fight you Brother.
  12. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    You want to go against me?
  13. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

  14. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Well, than let's ask @Jonathan to make a match between me and you.
  15. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Sorry about your promo, but I seriously can't find any free times these days :upset:
  16. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    It's OKAY Brother, a real American will step up and beat this foe in your honour.
  17. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Thread edited for @"Dirk Diggler" vs @PSachkovsky
  18. RE: Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    I put a challenge on @Seabs which might as well be my time to shine. No offense, @Seabs, but I truthfully believe that your time has past. Off course, you are a great champion, but unfortunately you ain't me. Sure, I am new to this, there's no doubt about that. But there's no denying that I already proved my worth. I know I am capable of caring this company to what it really needs to be. Unlike a certain someone, who will remain nameless, I keep my promises. And if I lose so be it, I am not going to bitch and moan about it.

    I give your props my friend, for accepting my challenge. Didn't think you would agree to it. Because I am a rookie on here, I know that I have a lot o learn from you and from other IWT champions. But again, as much as I'll be able to learn, I know that I have the skills, the abilities to bring the best out of you, and out of the rest of IWT.

    My flame is burning and I think that it burns to show the world, that my time has come. That Pavel is not just my name, but also what represents me personally. Dare I to say, that I know I can beat you. I'm not being cocky, I am simply being confident. And that's what you need to succeed is a talent in IWT.

    So, dear friend, I am giving my handshake as a sign of respect. We aren't familiar, and you surely don't know me, but I know that with the right time, you'll get to respect me, just as much as I respect the hell out of you. Tonight in this match, we both will put the best match possible. I will always respect you no matter the outcome be. Because after all, we are competitors in the ring, but it doesn't mean we have to hate each other outside of it.
  19. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Everything has an expiration. The sun fades to the moon's glow, the hope of daylight surrenders it's spot to a shroud of darkness. I want to like Pavel, I really do, you embody everything I built myself upon. You're willing to take multiple shots just to get in one, you're reckless enough to take the challenge and offer me your hand. Until you look back and wonder why you'll never understand why that was a bad choice. I'm at the stage where I've got anything to lose and nothing to gain, knock me down where I stand I beg you. I need to be beaten down and out before I can rebuild myself. The road I'm on won't offer me redemption, I can get no salvation. All I can do is carry on hurting people, I wanna feel the sympathy you have in your eyes. I wanna care about beating and battering people so badly they see their own blood, not just my opponents I've committed these acts to but my family who everyday have to look and see my heartless figure embracing every human emotion they have and choking it out.

    Don't become like me, don't follow in my footsteps those people out there who chant your name don't deserve the guilt you carry on your shoulders, they don't deserve the blood you see on your hands. I'm trying to protect you Pavel,Jonathan will build you up and tell you he'll make you a star but he doesn't care about you. He'll give you the cross and the nails and expect you to hammer them into your wrists and bear the weight of the cross.

    I know who and what I am, I'm not living in an illusion any more. I'm the ultimate cancer on this company now sadly I have to pray on you not because I want to. I need to, you're just another hurdle for my immortality. Your suffering will feed my legend so one day we can stop this all. A higher power is calling and as soon as these people understand it the better. The better it will be for us all. Sometimes a man's heart get's so dark he can't help but let his spirit fall.
  20. Non-Title Match: PSachkovsky vs Baraa

    Promos are now closed. Voting is now OPEN!