Chikara CZW Evolve Ring of Honor Non WWE Wrestlemania Weekend schedule

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  1. WWNLive, WrestleCon, and ROH have put out schedules for next year’s Wrestlemania Weekend. Here’s what has been announced so far.

    Thursday, March 30th

    EVOLVE – 8 PM
    Wrestle Pro – 8:30 pm

    Friday, March 31st

    PROGRESS – 12 PM
    EVOLVE – 4
    Rev Pro – 4 PM
    ROH Supercard of Honor XI – 6 PM
    CHIKARA – 8 PM
    CZW Best of the Best – 8:30 PM
    Kaiju Big Battel – Midnight

    Saturday, April 1

    SHIMMER – 12 PM
    CHIKARA – 4 PM
    WrestleCon Women’s Supershow – 4 PM
    WWN Supershow: EVOLVE vs. PROGRESS – 8 PM
    WrestleCon Supershow – 8:30 PM
    Beyond Wrestling – Midnight

    Shout out to PWPonderings for compiling this schedule.
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  2. Very cool to see Progress coming to Florida. Adds a little more specialty to the already stacked weekend.
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