Storyline None in the Chamber

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  1. *Jack Lux walks out into the ring seemingly unfased after suffering a brutal attack from Braeden Cross last week*

    Jack Lux: One in the Chamber. That's what my best friend, Braeden Cross, calls his finishing maneuver. Last week, he hit my injured left knee and proceeded to hit me with One in the Chamber. Yet after all of that... I'm still standing!

    *Lux sits down indian style and begins to talk again*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, you might as well call your little move None in the Chamber. That's not why I'm out here though, I'm out here to set Braeden straight. So get out here you little motherfucker.

    *Lux waits for Braeden Cross*

  2. Cross walks out to no music with a chair and microphone in hand.
    Cross begins walking down the ramp.

    Braeden Cross: Really? You're gonna straighten me out? You? The guy who BARELY beat me in the first match of our little series, is gonna straighten me out... You really think that you intimidate me, Luxxy? You really think that you of all people who has that precious little knee of yours wrapped up 6-ways from fucking Sunday is able to intimidate me? You're probably looking at this chair and thinking "my god, he's going to beat the shit out of me with that chair in his hand, I'm gonna need surgery for that!" But FEAR NOT! Young Luxxy, for I brought this steel chair out here for a different purpose.
    Cross lowers the mic and stops at the bottom of the ramp, unfolds the chair and sits in the chair.
    Braeden Cross: See? Perfectly harmless. Now, I just want to ask one thing... You say my finishing move should be called... what was it again... Oh yeah, None in the Chamber? I can't help but notice that for the last week you've been slurring your words and have had some balance issues, which is the reason why I'm not getting in there, because it would be too easy to kick your ass and I don't want to make your CONCUSSION worse there mate. Yeah, I had a little chat with the IWT medical staff we have on hand asking if you'd be ready for the three stages of hell and he said yes and relayed the same advice to me as he did to you, take it easy for a few weeks. See, that's why I'm not getting in that ring with you Lux, you may say that you're fine but I know for a fact you have some real damage to that knee, and I know you're concussed at the moment. I want you nice and rested up for our three stages of hell. But you know, you said you wanted to "set me straight" so I'm just sitting here, waiting. Say your piece and get it over with.
    Cross sits back and waits for Lux's response
  3. *Lux starts to pace back and forth in the ring*

    Jack Lux: You know, I find it truly fascinating that you think a bandaged up knee and a tap to the head is going to stop me from making you my bitch!

    *The crowd cheers*

    Jack Lux: And Braeden I don't need to intimidate you to beat you, and you sure as fuck don't intimidate me. I also find it fascinating that you're not going to attempt to attack me because of what the medical staff said, because I'll tell you what that does mean I'm going to attack you.

    *At that moment Jack Lux's cameraman, Joey, clobbers Cross in the back of the head with a kendo stick. As this happens Jack rolls out of the ring and walks towards the both of them.*

    Jack Lux: Thanks Joey.

    Joey the Cameraman: Of course anytime man.

    *Lux and Joey fistbump before Joey walks to the backstage area.*

    Jack Lux: Now while you lay there hopefully as uncomfortable as possible. I you to know that not only do you have no chance in our match, but I also want you to know that once I'm done with you that you will be broken.

    *Lux then walks off to his music with a smile on his face.*
  4. Lux + Camera man = <3
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