Norway pwns 'Merica

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  1. Context: Norway, Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia have a bigger alphabet than the rest of the western world (we each have 3 extra letters) My dear neighbors on Norwegian TV decided to take a shot at the "Bigger is better" mentality that was/is quite prominent in American society. Thus this.

    I lol'd tremendously. Don't worry it is in English so you can listen and lol 2
  2. I would like 2 minutes of my life back.
  3. *arms nuclear weapon* Norway pwns what? :tough:
  4. I think this would be a good point to ask where you got a nuclear weapon :dawg:
  5. It's as common as the iphone. I unfortunately got the atom bomb 4s. Still gotta get 5 :sad:
  6. hook me up :dawg:
  7. American is unpwnable
  8. Show Spoiler
  9. Just re-listening to it this morning. Ha-ha, Awesome.
  10. Thought this was quite funny :emoji_slight_frown:.
  11. I did after watching it like 4 times. :lol1:
  12. Where is Mario Balotelli :boss: smiley?? :dawg:
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