[Not a suggestion] Gimmick Groups don't really deserve there own group awards

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  1. I know most of you, maybe none will really like this suggestion, but I think the Gimmick Groups don't really deserve there own group awards. I find it kinda useless. Legend again should have a Hall of Fame Ring Award instead of that ugly ass Ruby. That is all... #HateMe :upset:
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    money = award. Welcome to crayo's world.
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    I don't know about that.
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    this kind of ring?
  5. They pay for it, it's completely fair, so I see no reason why they shouldn't have it and it shouldn't really bother you anyways since you can just ignore them if you don't want it.
  6. It was a feature with groups, many wanted it. As for the legend award, the ring looked ugly before.
  7. We paid for the award. :stfu:
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    You own a group, then you get input. Ask randy why he made pipebomb? The gimmick is to defeat other groups and be best group. Gimmick is a stupid fucking word. :win:
  9. After just getting one of the group's biggest privileges taken away why should we have another for absolutely no reason? Such a stupid suggestion.
  10. Closed. Thanks for your suggestion.
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