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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. I've just realized how annoying the sub-forums are in this section. IWT is one of the most active and entertaining sections on the site that many of our members enjoy, so it's not fair to have all these inactive sub-forums make navigating this section annoying (with the scrolling and whatnot).

    Currently, anyone can make an e-fed and get a section, but I'm going to change it. Inactive feds are going to be removed. Semi-active feds are going to be made a sub-forum in the already made sub-forum. I know that seems harsh but you need to put the work in to make it as active as IWT to warrant its own section.

    Also, I'll change the rules. E-Feds can't just be started by anyone because I feel like they're doing the same thing. They try to pounce on the already-members of IWT and leach of its success so they can promote THEIR e-fed and they have the power. I'll probably charge now for e-feds so the owners of said e-feds take them serious, instead of just getting what they want and dipping out weeks later. It's basically the same thing as having your own group, right?

    I want your input regarding what I've written above. What's your opinion of it all? My stance is that IWT is a site-ran section which gives the community full control over its fate. It's not a section where site moderators and administrators have any real power over, and it's almost a separate community filled with creative members having fun. It's endorsed and promoted by the site because of what work you guys have done to make it what it is, so having other e-feds try and pounce on its success (only applies to some; others just want to create something new) to promote their own e-fed seems rather unfair.

    Do you want me to clean up these sub-forums and change the current e-fed policy we have?
  2. Yep all these subforums fucksuck (is it suckfuck actually?)
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  3. Charge for e-feds? :blackshock:
  4. I think that:

    -Like anything else, there needs to be enough content to warrant a forum/sub-forum. How many news/media/game threads did we have before we got a forum for them? 100's. Currently, the only ones that warrant a sub-forum IMO are PWGP and AMW (not as many posts but has a relation to IWT, can PM if you need to).

    -That's what the be the booker sub-forum is for. To develop your 'shows' until you have enough content to warrant a sub-forum, right?

    -A few fed owners basically just take the IWT talent to start their 'company' if you will. IWT started from scratch with everyone having to develop themselves. It should be the same for all the other sub-forums.

    -I hate the constant referrals to IWT in the other feds. Like, have your own product and make it unique. Don't bring IWT into it...
  5. It's a charge for the subsection I think.
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  6. Yeah I think he means charge for a sub-forum in BTB?
  7. Don't have an opinion on charging for an e-fed. I agree with the earn your section. Have them based in an off-topic section like Be The Booker, when it starts to become fed dominated, then it deserves its own section.
  8. It's fucksuck, marked for that, not heard in a while.

    I like the idea of having the be the booker section your chance to shine. Perhaps just given them a prefix (still annoying as fuck to do) and if it grows then we can talk sections. I don't want to charge but I just needed a way to make sure all the people who want them -- and there are a lot -- are serious about it and want to actually commit to it. I'm tired of doing the work for them in ACP and then having to clean up after them. We charge group owners for sub-sections as well, so they might be pissed off that we're seemingly giving them willy-nilly and free.
  9. Maybe create a "ladder" of things to earn. Start with earning a prefix in the btb section through activity, and then going on to earn a section. Or is that too much hassle?
  10. They all kind of just escalated out of nowhere i think its fair to charge them
  11. Exactly. BTB was the original section, and IWT became so big BTB became a sub-forum and IWT became the main forum. They need to start in there with a prefix IMO. There's been a few now that's started and either have been abandoned or the owner isn't putting the work in to make it grow. I can't see any threads here now without scrolling down, it's ridiculous. It is kinda bs that they get a subforum, all their permissions etc. when basically it's a group that other people pay for.
  12. Do what you want playa, its your party. Cry if you want to.
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  13. That troll face is pretty random here, is Neil Thorn your tutor?
  14. Sorry, was quoting the old sing. Trying to be sarcastic. Guess it didn't translate well.

    But honestly, I don't spend enough time in the other feds so I don't really know enough about what is going on in them to think my opinion would hold much weight here. So I'll just shut up now.
  15. That song always makes me think of the film problem child with John Ritter in, great film in it's own little way.
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  16. A ton of hassle with constant reviewing. Reviewing like that is really tough to do because it creates drama. It's why we ditched the concept of approving legend membership.
  17. As a fan of e-feds bro I'd be cool with taking that responsibility on, maybe with someone if they wanna help out. Just a suggestion if that helps the situation
  18. Thanks for the offer, but that creates problems as well as solves them. I think giving a prefix and then making them work for more is the best option so far, but it is unfair on those group owners who paid for their section.
  19. IMO AMW and Fed-X haven't had activity since March.

    And by paying do people who already own an E-fed have to pay?
  20. As someone who asked permission for an E-FED, I must say mine is going down hill and isn't going the way I would of wanted it to go, A week after I had made mine alot of things started happening in my life and I recently popped in every now and then to check the forum and forgot about the federation. I will give up my spot as my federation is inactive and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
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