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  1. Christian storms down on stage and doesn't seem too happy. He quickly enters the ring and snatches the microphone from the ring announcer.

    Christian: CUT THE MUSIC!

    You know I was in the back there thinking of my game plan heading on to Wrestlemania! I was thinking of how I can prepare for my match and prove to the world that I DO DESERVE MY WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE! But then sitting in the back thinking, I've been hearing rumors spreading through my ears. And not from one or two people, no, THE ENTIRE LOCKER ROOM! And that rumor... is that Dat Kid, one of IWT's first generation stars... will finally hang his boots at Wrestlemania...

    The crowd starts booing

    And as a first generation star myself, it makes me sad that superstars during that era are slowly vanishing. But it makes me more sad, that out of all people he could have chosen to face at Wrestlemania, it was Aids Johnson! And now here I am in a dilemma...

    I want to prove that I am a worthy World Heavyweight Champion and one of the greatest superstars of all time is retiring...

    SO, @Dat Kid! I know you're in the back packing up, but how about this.


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  2. There is nothing. The camera shows the stage which has remained the same for a while now. The light fades out and we cut to the titantron which shows a hand winding up a clock. The clock begins to tick
    A laser clock hits the ring and begins to tick fast. Smoke rises up from the stage and from the ring posts. "Jesus wept" The entire arena is bathed in purple light as Dat Kid emerges from the smoke on the stage. Kid stops walking and his music fades, but the lights stay the same.

    Christian, you don't have to face me to prove you are a worthy World Heavyweight Champion. You've been here for nearly 3 years and have put on some classic matches. You ARE one of IWTs most creative superstars hands down.

    With that said, you are not the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time...that's me. See while you got that title handed to you on multiple occasions and retained via no shows, I was out making that title better than it ever was. Because of me that title means something. It's more than just a belt that was created cause a no talent wrestler wasn't good enough to beat Seabs in 2013. It's more than just a belt that was brought back to put a hasbeen over in 2014. When I held that belt it meant exactly what it's name proclaims, champion of the world.

    So to see you standing, in a ring that I made great, with a belt that I made relevant, makes me cringe. The fact that you've got the AUDACITY to come out here and say that you were part of the first generation, makes me cringe. To see you come out here and challenge me as if this is some sort of dream match, makes me cringe. I would rather fight Roadie in an iron man match, than even let you give me a backstage interview.

    However, you're not the only one with something to prove. When I retire at Wrestlemania and I headline this year's Hall of Fame, I want to retire as the greatest superstar of all time. There will be no "What if" and Christian, you're one of those "What If's". So don't you worry your little ass one bit. When Uprising comes to a close and I leave you hanging on those ropes you won't be asking "What If", you'll be asking yourself "What now"
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  3. Christian goes up by the ring ropes and glares at Dat Kid.

    Christian: Kid, it's all fun and games when you're boasting about yourself, like you're the best thing ever to grace this company ALLLL the way up on stage...
    But how about you come down in the middle of this ring, face to face with me and say those exact words, because TRUST ME... you'll regret it. You can have all the matches you want with Trip, Michael, Aids, George or whoever. But at Uprising, you're against the World Heavyweight Champion. And take my word on this... after our match, the only "What if" you'll be thinking about... is "What if I beat Christian before I retired"

    See you at Uprising.

    Christian drops his microphone and both men stare down each other.

  4. OOC: We should probably find a date we can both do this actually. @Dat Kid
    When are you free?
  5. Mondays are the best for me. I can do Friday as well. Tuesday night is cool too
  6. Shit...
    Well, I can attempt to do it on a Monday, but I should be gone for about 2-3 hours during it.
  7. So this is what you guys will be doing for Uprising then? Good to know
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