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    *Drake is seen exiting his locker room with his head down, and his luggage in his hand. Unknowingly he collides with a stagehand as he's leaving. He lets it go and proceeds to make way for the exit, but as he approaches the arena doors he starts to some creaks coming from above. Wolfe stops in his tracks and looks up to find out what it could be but sees absolutely nothing. Without any further investigation Drake exits through the doors and goes to his car.*

    ~15 minutes later~

    *The cameras catch up with Drake as he enters the hotel he's staying at. They make way to an elevator and proceed to follow him up to his room. Ignoring the cameramen Wolfe exits the elevator and goes to his hotel door. Before he enters he sees that a package is placed right in front of it. Drake picks it up, enters his room, quickly puts his luggage on the bed, and goes to find a knife. Not taking long he finds one and uses it to open the package. Wolfe looks inside to see the content and just stares wide eyed, almost in disbelief. Drake goes to the nearest window, opens it up and throws the package out of it. He turns around and hurriedly goes to shut the door, closing out the cameramen from filming anything else. The scene fades.*
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  2. The package lands on the ground, and out comes a piece of paper reading "#Kaizer4GM"
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  3. We should make you GM just so you can deal with Aids lol
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