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  1. *Jwab is seen sitting down, staring into space. Everyone is leaving cause the Rumble is now over. Kaizer can be seen in the background sleeping.... Carson walks up with his arm in a sling to interview Jwab*
    Carson The Interviewer: Hello Jwab, do you have any thoughts about the outcome of the Rumble or anything else that has happened tonight?

    Jwab: It doesn't matter. You know what, Carson? I made a mistake participating in the Rumble tonight. I gave up power for opportunity yet I was deceived to believing that this opportunity would shoot me to the top. The same exact top which I've been fighting for since last year's Elimination Chamber. Yet, I didn't manage to see that with all of the power that I had... I could have gave myself the opportunity at these titles. But, it doesn't matter anymore. The thing about tonight is that I had this opportunity and I did nothing with it. My first Royal Rumble and I only have one elimination under my belt and it's not even my elimination. I share it with five other people cause the man we eliminated was too obese for one. I didn't do anything memorable. I shadow'd someone thinking that it would be a one way ticket to the final two... or maybe three. Anything that would have left a mark at the Rumble... but I let it fall right through my hands. Just like everything else in my career. I should be at the top. I should have won the World Title last year at Elimination Chamber. I should have been main eventing IWTMania 2 against Bruce Knight. At least I would have got the damn job done unlike Bryant & Alias. But, I left to pursue a film career. Yeah, the money is good but I don't care. I want something more than money. I want the belt. I want respect. I want to be at the top of the mountain... but I get passed by... by a man I brought into this company. A man that I overlooked. I got too cocky and I let the Xtreme Championship get to my damn head. I lost it but not only did I lose once that night, it messed with my mind and I lost again. I am ashamed. I wanted to leave IWT forever cause I'll admit, I'm a sore loser. But power presented itself. I saw an opportunity to become the General Manager after Trip was supposedly dead. I did nothing with it. I was told I could be in the Royal Rumble and get a shot at the top if I gave up the role. I did and now look. I'm at the low-point of my career. I've never felt so useless in my life. Will I ever get another opportunity again? Only the future contains that answer.

    Carson: But, do you have anything planned if nothing comes your way?

    Jwab: I have nothing planned. All my plans got flushed down the toilet with my loss earlier tonight. We'll see what presents itself in the future.

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