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  1. @[euantor]

    Can you make it possible that we receive notifications on other people's thread also? It's just like the receiving notifications on your own thread except, you can choose on anyone else's thread to receive notifications from when there's a new reply.

    Put something like "Receive Notifications from this thread" like this:
    You'll have to click that to receive the notifications.

    I think it'll be useful for people to followup on a thread that they like. Sometimes a thread that's interesting to you might have some new replies but it's been pushed back by couple of pages and this would make it easier to find the thread and know if there's a reply. You could just subscribe to the thread and check it from User CP but receiving notifications would be much simpler. You'll be more likely to check your notification than User CP everytime.
  2. Yeah there's a couple of threads I'd like to keep up on but I'll look at it and it will be pages after where I was last reading, if possible I think this would be really helpful.
  3. I don't know what is this tbh, but I support this. :boss:
  4. The one reason I'd be against this is if people receive notifications from incredibly active threads either by accident or to just be a pest; like discussion threads, counting threads or active forum games.

    But otherwise this seems like a decent suggestion.
  5. I've been wanting to add something that works in basically the same way in that users are notified of replies to threads they are subscribed to (you can subscribe to them using the subscribe to this thread link). I just need to find both the time to do it and the best way of achieving it.
  6. I love how a le wild euantor appears after a tag.
  7. Instant emails for PMs = instant appearance from me.
  8. You won't be receiving a new notification everytime there's a new reply. If there are multiple new replies, you'll only get one notification and after you check your notification and there's more new replies, you'll get another one only. You won't be having 1,000+ notifications..

    That's how it currently works for the receiving alert on your thread.
  9. Oh, never knew that since I've never had that one enabled.

    @[euantor] good to know :troll:
  10. yah that works fine also. There are 2 options when you click subscribe to this thread now and adding your third option to receive notifications will work also.
  11. :otunga:

    I've never really looked at the options. I just have it set in my UCP to subscribe to every thread I reply to.