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  1. *The lights transition into a shade of dark red and S.I.N's theme reverberates throughout the arena*

    *The three members are shown walking from the crowd in black and red garbs, they hop the barricade and enter the ring*

    Andrew: Throughout the history of wrestling promotions one thing has remained constant. Stables, they come and they go. Some of them get their names etched in history and some of them just fade into obscurity.

    Andrew: Right now you people are in the presence of IWT's newest stable, S.I.N. Unlike most stables that have came before us we aren't here to make false claims to cleanse shit. *cough* The Cure *cough* We aren't here to claim that we're some Order that you need to give in to. No no no, it's much more simple than that.

    Andrew: We're here to divide and conquer, that's it. There is no other false purpose. We figured that yeah, we're great on our own, but together-- together we can achieve almost anything. Spinzz and I are going to dominate the tag division and Frie here, he's going to get that X-Division belt then go down to beat Forrest, Kid, or whomever is unlucky to hold either main title at the time.

    Andrew: We believe that there is Strength In Numbers...and believe me when I say that you haven't seen anything yet.

    @Stopspot @F.R.I.E feel free to continue.

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    Spinzz: What the main dude said is true, the best is yet to come.

    The purpose of S.I.N. is simple, unity. To gather talent under one roof for the sake of the sport of pro wrestling. To watch each others back and push the company forward. We're the anti-virus against the backstage politics and the false claims of the so called prophets of the locker room. We don't make grand promises we cannot keep. I'll have these two men's backs and they'll have mine. I'll gladly walk them out to the ring just like I know they'd do the same for me. We don't hide that we have each other's backs because we have nothing to hide.

    Don't expect lofty goals or grand visions to come from these three sets of lips, because we'll let our actions speak for us. Our sins bind us together and our actions in and outside of this ring will make our vision clear to all of you, and all of the boys and girls in the back.

    When you're dealing with the main dude, the moneymaker and the real man, you deal with a united front.

    *Spinzz turns to Frie.*

    Spinzz: Yo, real man, take it home.

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  3. Every time I walk around the arenas, I see potential. Potential that has been untapped and undiscovered. Just like Tyler Freeborn, who looked at me in the eyes in our match and expressed a look of sheer confusion. I don't like saying that people aren't good enough, they're just not good enough yet.

    Don't worry, that takes nothing away from the great roster of IWT, but it takes away from my enjoyment. As everyone now sees, I'm moving on up in the X-Division. But why? Why couldn't I go to the WHC or IWT division which contains the talent that everyone wishes they possessed? It's because the X-Division will take me there. The X title will take me to the Joey Bryants, the Dat Kids, the Forrests, and maybe even the Aids Johnsons. I can cash in the belt at anytime, anyplace, on anyone.

    As much as people wanna shit on me for not being able to make it on my own, how I'm weak alone, I say "You keep thinking that." Because even though I lost at IWT Mania to Chris Kaizer, I didn't stand down. And in my qualifying match for the #1 contendership, I fought by myself. Ya see, my buddies here didn't come in to the ring and beat Tyler up, they didn't use cheap tactics to distract him. What they did was express what Strength In Numbers is all about. Unity. The strength will be shown soon. Because we bring the pain, and keep IWT sane. We do what we do for the people AND our careers. And no matter how much Kaizer sleeps, or how many times Chip shows up to call people Cocksuckahs, remember one thing. It's people like you guys that we dispose of. Andrew, Spinzz, Frie.

    *The three men raise their arms in triumph.*
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  4. *The titantron turns on and Trip in the head is shown standing with his tag team belt slung over his shoulder. Other shadowy figures are seen behind him, but no identities can be made out.*

    TRIP: Well looky what we have here ladies and gentlemen. Its the IWT's own three little pigs. Too bad you wastes of space haven't figured out how to build your house out of bricks yet though. The first time the Order faced the Desperadoes was the equivalent of the straw house being blown down. Nothing was going to stop us as we blew right through you. Now you guys have upgraded to sticks and twigs by adding a new teammate and giving yourselves a new name. Well the big bad wolves are coming to blow this new house you have built down once again. And what fun it will be treating you two like we are in Deliverance. Squeal piggies, SQUEAL! *Trip makes a pig squealing noise before he pauses for a moment as he thinks - and then smiles* Strength in Numbers huh? Well you better get a few more lackeys added to your ranks if you think that's actually going to work. More like "Such Incorrigible Nuisances" if you ask me. No matter. We have dealt with you Desperate-adoes once before and we will do it again. Welcome to the new era boys. The era of the Order of Night. And it has only just begun. *Trip leans forward a bit* The night will befall you all.