Storyline Null And Void?

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  1. *The scene opens up with Alias Antonio standing outside an arena, perharps the IWT arena. It is fairly dark, but Alias can still be discerned, holding two pieces of paper on his hand. Alias takes a look at his surroundings and smirks.*

    As sad as it may sound, yes, I did watch the debut episode of The Lion's Den, or whatever it was called. And on that episode, the guest was IWT General Manager Trip. And ON that episode, which I assume was recorded before I signed my contract and did battle with Dat Kid on FSW's inaugural PPV, he mentioned that if I signed a contract with any other company, my contract with IWT will be in deep, deep danger. He basically said it would be null and void. Well, listen up, smartass. You see what I hold here with my right hand? *Alias points at the piece of paper* This is MY IWT contract, and no, I'm not going to pull an Adam Aries and rip this piece of paper infront of this camera, I am not that pathetic to do such a thing. But if you really want to take this contract away from me, you'll have to fight me for it. You can stick your legal team up your ass man, because at Survivor Series you can officially wave goodbye me, not only as an IWT wrestler, but as an FSW wrestler, without the need of your petty legal team. But that's if you beat me. That's if you beat my team that I'm personally assembling one by one.

    That's right, my CAREER is on the line at Survivor Series, I'm literally putting my contract where my mouth is and risking it all. Risking my life. But if I'm going to shame and defeat IWT, Trip and Jono, I'm going to do it as an FSW wrestler, and as an unmitigated risk-taker.

    See, Trip would never put his career or even his job as GM on the line in these circumstances because he knows IWT doesn't possess the talent it once had, even with the return of Aids Johnson and Erik Draven. For one, did Aids Johnson even have any talent to begin with? One of the most overrated and luckiest guys in this business who was at the right time, right place. And it's funny how he comes back when IWT is lacking that SOMETHING to replicate his earlier accomplishments. He only appears in the right time, right place. But trust me, if he even plans on challenging for that IWT Title, I'll gladly get in his way and smash his face in.

    But I'm giving too much attention to the attention-seeker, so I digress. At Survivor Series, the biggest match in IWT history happens. Team FSW vs. Team IWT, my career on the line.

    what's it going to be, huh?

    *Alias smiles, and slowly walks away*
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  2. OOC: Oh this explains alot haha
  3. OOC: How can a wrestler sign a contract while under contract? Can't Trip just go "Nope, that FSW contract doesn't count, back in line!"

    All this legal mumbo jumbo
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  4. Trip and Jono are too COOL to give a FUCK. i'm alias antonio i DO what i WANT ain't that right @Dat Kid
  5. So bamboozled
  6. Dat shuturfkinmouthlittlebitch
  7. yea
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  8. *Trip shits himself*
  9. Cause I thought I saw a ghost
  10. More like a shadow. You know, because ghosts can't be black.:jesse:
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  11. Damn white boys