Storyline "Number "ONE" Contender."

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  1. The ring mat has changed to a nice red carpet as the camera scrolls up to Aiden Ryan who is leaned upon a table, Two very fancy chairs are on either side of the table but instead of sitting in the chair Aiden Ryan instead leads on the table with the microphone hanging loosely from his right hand, lifting the microphone up he pushes himself off the table.

    "You know, Bring within such a growing company i come to realize that the numbers that i face sometimes can be higher, And i am okay with that i am always here fighting, proving, showing everyone that i am championship quality and at night of champions that was the night that was set to be that proven statement as i aiden ryan was set to walk out of night of champions leaving both Lord Lee and Trevor Raynor in the ring feeling nothing, the only thing they would feel is the lack of respect both men stated they both had for me, and that respect they claimed they held so dearly would turn into nothing more then envy..."

    "But that didn't happen, infact it was the compete oppistite of what any would ever think would happen, we opened the show with a match that had two victors but here's the thing there is only room for one number one contender, now i am sure Lee would agree with me if i were to say i do not share my personal belongings with the likes of the men and women around me, so with that being said we need to negotiate and find a solution to this problem... "

    Aiden Ryan slowly walks over to the ropes and sits himself on the middle rope pulling it down for access, with a smile on his face he looks up the rampway and offers.

    "So, Lee. I know you are back there and i know you want to get to the bottom of this as much as i do, so sir would you please come out here?"

    Aiden Ryan lowers the microphone as the audience cheers in excitement of the two X Division talents in the same ring.

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