NWA show to start airing on national TV

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  2. This is good news for them.
  3. Isnt this the name of Sandy's promotion? :-o
  4. lolno R'Albin.

    The NWA was one of the big dogs before WCW and WWE took off. They are a conglomeration of multiple local promotions.
  5. Thought this post was about Niggas with Additude
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    Glad to see it picking up, may check it out soon.
  7. Good to see more wrestling TV, especially from the oldest organization in the world.
  8. I hope they have high production values so they can be taken as a serious contender when it comes to quality to TNA and WWE by the marks. As sad as it is to say people look just as much at the look of the ring and arena as they look at the in ring action.
  9. Wait I though NWA was the WCW?
  10. @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage]

    WCW was part of the NWA up until just before it took off on TV. They then split so they could get all of the money from the TV show. Does that answer your question? I'll gladly explain some more if needed.
  11. But WWE said that WCW buy NWA aless i though that did?
  12. They bought loose the full rights to the WCW name from the NWA. Before WCW was run by Ted Turner it was owned in half by Crockett and half by the NWA. Ted Turner bought the full rights to WCW from the NWA.
  13. So why does WWE have the right to NWA Matchest then?
  14. The WWE have rights to some NWA matches, not all of them. When Turner bought full control of WCW he bought loose the match library of the Crockett part of the NWA as well since that is what had become WCW, they then became the property of the WWE when they bough WCW from Turner.

    WWE also bought the rights to all of their old NWA matches from when Vince McMahons grandfather and father ran WWWF as part of the NWA.

    The NWA is a big organization consisting of hundreds of wrestling promotions all over the united states. WWE hardly has the rights to all of the NWA's matches, simply the once they were involved in back when there was a connection between the NWA, WWE or any organization the WWE bought out.
  15. Oh so what the point of having there when WWE and WCW had there own title then?
  16. Competition basically. There are some fans who didn't or don't like the WWE or WCW product and wanted or want to watch something else. Thus there exists other promotions for them to follow. In some states wrestling is really big so there are tons of local promotions, these local promotions banded together to form the NWA so that they could share their best talent (having them tour the country) and also have one common world title.

    WWE and WCW expanded to such a degree that NWA was pushed out of the way as the top promotion in America. Now they are fourth I'd say with number 1 being WWE, second being TNA and third being Ring of Honor. The NWA is very big on the west coast and around the New York New Jersey area.

    As for the titles: The WWE title was just a local title when it was part of the NWA, when Vince McMahon broke out of the NWA they elevated their title to the top title in the "world" or at least in their promotion, same thing WCW and ECW did when they broke out of the NWA (ECW started out as a local NWA promotion in Philadelphia). CM Punk's best friend Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman in the WWE) was NWA World champ until just recently.
  17. Was wondering when this would start airing, so here's some more info in case anyone else was curious:



    So that sounds like even though it's going to the ION Network, it will still only be aired in the NY, NJ and Conn. area. :sad: