NXT 2-27

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Enjoy guys! :dawg:
  2. Crayo would love the end of this episode!

    Aksana though <3 DAMN SHE'S HOT!
  3. Good show. ME felt a bit weird, but the ending was good.
  4. Cheers again Rain, although none of the matches particularly interested me this week - where's PAC? :sad:

    Lol at the Shield getting pops at the end, commentator trying to sell it as 'sickening' assault with all of the crowd chanting 'one more time' :lol1:
  5. Yeah, NXT crowds seem to like post-match attacks a lot.
  6. This was the worst NXT yet if you take out the last 3 minutes. BORING AS FUCK...

    Oh my god, I marked so hard though.
  7. Hated I hadn't realized this was here, then saw the video can't be viewed anymore anyway, then read the comments and decided I didn't miss too much. :dawg:

    Next week I'll have to remember you post these so I can check it out.
  8. You mainly missed The Shield, loved how they got cheered though xD
  9. Any time I miss The Shield is a sad time. :downer:
  10. Well, a nice show, but Bo Dallas should be in the match, it wasn't so enjoy as if there was that Triple Threat Match
  11. Ikr? There was a #1 Contenders Match going on between Corey Graves and Conor O'Brien (supposed to be a triple threat, but Bo was attacked). The match was dull until the lights cut out, the crowd and I went crazy, @Crayo screamed so loudly like a little girl that I could hear him across the pond, and the Shield beat both of them down, crowd chants "SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD", triple-bomb to Graves, "ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME" so they hit it on O'Brien. It was awesome, the crowd almost drowned out Ambrose's typical promo...

    Seems like we have a bunch of unintentional top babyfaces.

    Anyway, remember it before Impact, since 3 straight hours of wrestling isn't a bad idea or anything.
  12. I think they realise The Shield are actually great wrestlers, It was funny seeing them trying to cut a heel promo and everyone was just loving it xD
  13. I actually found this episode to be decent. First match was good but I'm a Kruger fan (I think he works his gimmick into his ringwork really well) and it's always nice to see Kidd. Main event was also good but then again I am a fan of Graves and Conor, not to mention the three guys at the end.
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