NXT and Superstars returning to TV

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 4, 2012.

  1. PWinsider reports that Vince held a press conference today about the companies earnings in the first quarter. During the conference Vicne was asked about the future of NXT and Superstars. Vince stated a interest and liking in NXT and Superstars as a way to get younger talent over and showcase the talent that doesn't get that much time on any of the main show. He also said he wanted to bring the two shows back onto a traditional TV network in the US instead of broadcasting just via wwe.com. NXT and Superstars are still televised in most European countries with a large wrestling fanbase and provides decent draws so this is understandable and they would also help flesh out the WWE network timetable.

  2. Why can't they just wait to put them on the WWE network?
  3. They most likely will put them on the network but we do not really have any info on when the network goes live.
  4. I heard it was sometime this year, but meh.

    It'll be good to be on TV again, I think we still get it on TV here anyway. I'm starting to watch Superstars because of Stanford and Striker, watching NXT because it's consistently a good show.
  5. The WWE Network will probably never succeed in getting launched.
  6. I think it's not a question of when, but if the WWE Network indeed goes live. About NXT and Superstars being on TV again, I'm all for it. It would showcase good wrestling to larger audiences.
  7. HELL FUCKIN NO! No channel will take that crap show on there network b/c know one will watch it!

  8. WWE network is a myth. Like Bigfoot or Dolph Ziggler winning a match