NXT January 16 2013

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http:emoji_confused:/www.dailymotion.com/video/xwu3tg_by-rulez-txn-2013-01-17-hdtv-pt1-1_tech#from=embediframe[/video]

    Drmasti5050 delivers yet again. PAC's debut :yay:
  2. Was great to see Neville/PAC debut indeed. Sandow's a legend: WE HAVE RULES! :lol1:
  3. Neville's corkscrew Shooting Star Press was mad impressive. With longer matches he will be big just from a ring work perspective.
  4. Exactly, marked out for the move even though I haven't watched much PAC at all. He'll get very over, and will make Sin Cara feel sort of useless as well. :dawg:
  5. When Neville is on the main roster Sin Cara can kiss his spot monkey position good bye.
  6. Yeah, if we have ADR for the Mexican market Sin Cara's position as spot monkey will be taken and he'll have nothing else to do.
  7. I Found Trent.
  8. He's been there a while.
  9. @Rain you seen this yet?
  10. Finally getting around to it, thanks for the reminder Mister Spot!

    *Grabs a pillow, brushes the dust out of a seat next to Leo C on the Adrain Neville bandwagon, then realizes Crayo's behind me and moves to another spot to keep him from sticking gum in my hair.*

    Anyway, loved every second of this episode.
  11. I am looking forward to when the tag team title tournament starts. They announced on the latest tapings they will hold one.
  12. That sounds wonderful... so we can expect it in March?

    We know Ohno and Kruger will be a big part of it, possibly Gabriel + a replacement for Tyson, and possibly a new Ascension... They could throw the jobber teams like the Usos and 3MB in there... Plenty of great ways to go, the future is (hopefully) bright for WWE.
  13. Coner O'Brien is getting a singles push. He is now a one man Ascension, he is facing Big E for the title at the next taping. McGillicutty and Bo Dallas has a team (Cutty is face) and Neville is in a team with another Brit.
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