Spoiler NXT Tapings Airing In May & Early June

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    WWE held a set of NXT tapings on Thursday night from the Full Sail University.
    Here are full WWE NXT spoilers.​

    Show Spoiler

    May 4th Episode:

    * New NXT Champion Samoa Joe opens with a promo in the ring. Joe says it's a new era and he runs things. Eric Young interrupts to a huge pop. Young says everyone knows him and the only thing that's guaranteed is he brings change. Joe leaves after a staredown and says he doesn't belong in the same ring and next time he's in it he's going to beat EY's ass

    * Nia Jax squashed Tessa Blanchard

    * Austin Aries defeated Tye Dillinger with a 450

    * Joe vs. EY is announced for later

    * Dash and Dawson defeated Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley

    * No Way Jose defeated Noah Kekoah. Jose made referee Drake Younger dance after the match to a big pop

    * Samoa Joe defeated Eric Young in a stiff match, after a Musclebuster and a choke. Joe didn't release the hold until well after the match. The crowd didn't care for much of this match but it was good

    May 11th Episode:

    * Finn Balor opens the show with a promo but is interrupted by Elias Samson. Samson gets Eva Marie levels of heat as he sings a song he wrote for Balor. Samson says Balor is nothing without the NXT Title. Finn hits a pele kick, throws Samson out of the ring and then tosses the guitar at him but he caught it

    * NXT Tag Team Champions Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeated John Skyler and Corey Hollis. The Revival watched from the ramp and walked down to ringside to taunt American Alpha after the match

    * Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Alex Riley with the Kinshasa. The crowd exploded for Nakamura's Full Sail debut and the chants continued for him after he left before the next match

    * Alexa Bliss defeated Rachael Ellering in a quick squash. Ellering is daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering

    * Finn Balor aggressively defeated Elias Samson. After the match, Balor cut a promo and said he wants his rematch. He's obsessed with being NXT Champion but now he's possessed, like a Demon, who wants what belongs to him. Joe comes out but NXT General Manager William Regal stops a brawl and announces Balor vs. Joe for Takeover on June 8th. Balor jumps over Regal and takes Joe out

    * NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Adrienne Reese with the Asuka Lock. A good match and great debut for the former Athena

    May 18th Episode:

    * Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Blake and Murphy with Alexa Bliss. Aries wanted the tag but Nakamura refused and hit the Kinshasa for the win. A good tease of a feud between the two. After the match, Bliss walked away from Blake and Murphy, then Blake walked away from Murphy

    * Carmella defeated Peyton Royce

    * Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Danny Burch and Rob Ryzin in a good stiff match

    * Nia Jax defeated Bayley and dominated the match. Crowd died for this one. Bayley hit a hurricanrana off the apron to get the crowd back into the match. Nia missed a charge in the corner and got the ring post, then locked in the guillotine choke. Nia lifted her up for a suplex, but Bayley reversed and appeared to blow her knee out. Not a legit injury, as Nia crushed her in the corner & worked over her leg. Nia destroyed Bayley and pinned her. This was a long match that just didn't work with the crowd. Bayley sold that she couldn't put any weight on her leg and was helped to the back

    * NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha defeated The Revival in the main event, which may have been a non-title match. Gable and Jordan won with stereo ankle locks

    Source: WrestlingInc
  2. Last night's TV tapings:

    Show Spoiler

    May 25th Episode:

    * William Regal announces that Bayley isn't cleared to wrestle for the rematch against Asuka. He makes Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax in a #1 contenders match for the main event

    * Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeated the debuting "TM61" Shane Thorne and Nick Miller in what was said to be an amazing match

    * Austin Aries is out for a promo in the ring. He says he will be NXT Champion soon but Shinsuke Nakamura interrupts. Nakamura says the NXT Title will come to the King of Strong Style instead. Regal interrupts and makes Aries vs. Nakamura for "Takeover: Revenge"

    * No Way Jose defeated Johnny Vandal in a quick squash. The crowd loved Jose. After the match, he went over to the announce table for a dance party with Corey Graves and Tom Phillips

    * Nia Jax defeated Carmella and Alexa Bliss in a #1 contender's Triple Threat to earn a shot against NXT Women's Champion Asuka at Takeover. Nia pinned Carmella with a leg drop to win. This was a good match that the crowd was into all the way through. After the match, Asuka came out to the stage to hold the title up. She made her way to the ring and went face to face with Nia to end the episode

    June 1st Episode:

    * Dash and Dawson come out and talk about taking back their titles at Takeover. They admit American Alpha are great amateur athletes. Gargano and Ciampa interrupt. Ciampa says The Revival's time at the top is done and they can't beat Alpha or them. The Revival calls them "good hands" and Ciampa asks if they're speaking of themselves. Dawson tells them to go back to the bingo halls and let the top guys handle top guy business. Dash and Dawson goo to leave but Gargano accuses them of running up the ramp pretty fast for "top guys." Dash and Dawson come back but eat stereo dropkicks, then retreat

    * Tye Dillinger defeated Murphy, who was alone. The crowd loved Dillinger

    * Austin Aries defeated Elias Samson with the Last Chancery. Our correspondent noted that Samson had nuclear "go away" heat. Aries cut a promo after the match but fans chanted for Nakamura. Aries said at Takeover, he will make it official that he's the best in this ring

    * Regal comes out for a contract signing with Nia Jax and Asuka. Nia says everyone has been running scared from Asuka but she doesn't understand why. She says Asuka beat Bayley but she broke Bayley. She says Asuka has never faced anyone like her and she's not scared of Asuka. Nia signs the contract. Asuka says Nia talks too much and signs also. Asuka then goes off on Nia in Japanese. Nia shoves her. Asuka comes back with strikes but Nia plants her with a powerbomb. Regal and two referees check on Asuka and help her to her feet

    * Gargano and Ciampa defeated The Revival when Gargano reversed a top rope suplex into a pin. The Revival beat them down after the match and hit a Shatter Machine on Ciampa. American Alpha hits the ring for the save and a brawl breaks out. This ends the tapings as it's time for dark main events

    Source: WrestlingInc