Spoiler News NXT Women’s title match at TO

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  1. Mickie James

  2. Asuka


    • WHO WINS?
    Will Asuka succeed the toughest test of her WWE career, or will Mickie James be the one to hand The Empress of Tomorrow her first defeat? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, live and exclusively on WWE Network, Saturday, Nov. 19, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT!
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  1. If Mickie loses this, Asuka loses her only credible threat as of now. I like what Liv Morgan, Peyton and Billie Kay are doing on NXT but they're the only other women and Liv lost in under a minute a couple of weeks ago. She's had a pretty long title reign and if Mickie wins there are multiple interesting ways they can take both her and Asuka. Asuka needs a change of character so she gains from losing, really, especially if she loses dirty. She can do something similar to what Samoa Joe has done the last few weeks in ruthless pursuit of another shot, either as a babyface who got screwed or the pissed heel a la Joe. If Mickie is introduced as a face then wins either with feet on the ropes or with a ref bump and a steel chair (or whatever) then that marks her out as something different, and allows Asuka to stay face as the stiffness goes over super well at Full Sail. Or, Asuka becomes a scowling vicious heel after losing heel and the two can trade the belt for a few months until NXT develops a proper new class of women.
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  2. I'm torn between the two...... I been waiting on Mickie James to return so long! I guess I have to go with Mickie James.
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  3. Wow, people actually think Mickie stands a chance against Asuka, eh? :asuka:

    Asuka wins this, obviously. She will finally drop the belt to Ember Moon at NXT TakeOver during Mania weekend.

    Color me surprised if it happens any time sooner.
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  4. I vote for whatever result gets Asuka to the main roster sooner...

    This woman is truly amazing...and I want to see her fight Charlotte
    as soon as possible.
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  5. :asuka:
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  6. Just so Asuka can come to the main roster
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  7. Had forgotten Ember Moon existed... yeah, if she continues to do well they'll save the belt for her.

    I'd still like to see a change in Asuka, having to lose and chase the title or turning heel to keep it. She'd deserve to be the first 2x NXT Women's champ.
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    I just heard that it was supposed to be Trish Stratus as Asuka's opponent but due to her becoming pregnant WWE went with Mickie James instead.
  9. I heard that rumor, too. But, it seems as a one-off deal anyway. Trish would've lost to Asuka, too.
  10. May-be Trish didn't want to get kicked in the face?

    I mean I'd liked to be kicked into submission by Asuka...
    but I clearly have deep, seeded emotional issues.

    Trish took a look at the footage and said:

    "No NXT...I like my teeth where they belong"
  11. Trish is pregnant.
  12. Yeah Man...I read that...I was trying to make a joke...