Storyline Ode to the greats

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  1. *The arena lights slowly start to fade out, and the stage lights transition into a shade of gold. As the song and entrance video kick on white lasers start to shoot out in sync.*

    *At the 00:21 second mark Forté runs out through the curtain, and pauses on the stage. He's greeted a somewhat mixed reaction, this time the majority being positive. Probably because of the song choice. Jack starts to unzip his black leather jacket, revealing his shiny white title. The tanktop it rests over is black and reads 'Rebel, Rebel' as tribute. Forté runs down the ramp, and slides into the ring.*

    Jack retrieves a mic and waits for everything to simmer down before beginning

    It's kind of hard to be in the best of spirits right now, as you can tell by my entrance. I debated on even coming out to this very ring today, but I didn't want to put this off any longer like the majority does.

    I'm not coming out to gloat about my recent victory, which I easily could. No, no, no, I want to look to the future. And ironically that involves the past once more. You see, there's another event already on the horizon. And once again I'm left without a challenger, for the second month in a row. No match was made, nothing at all. Hell, the person who challenged me last month didn't even show! The person who I thought was more likely not to show actually showed, and thankfully he did. I'm a fighting champion, your champion, and every champion needs a challenger!

    And that's what brings me out here right now. I could've taken this event off, sure. I could've had another open challenge, which I was debating. I could've even demanded Big Mike make a number one contender's match at the event, and go on to face them the exact same night! But I wouldn't have, I'm not like that. Instead, I've had my eyes on someone.

    Forté pauses to let the tension build a bit

    This person hasnt really been seen all too often, until lately that is. This man accompanied Frank, The Idiot Jock, to his match at the last event. Yeah, that man is none other than the Triple Threat, @Senhor Perfect!

    So Senhor, if you could, come down here and accept my challenge for my title... at the next event!
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  2. *Senhor appears at the top of the ramp with a smarmy smirk across his face*

    Let me get his straight, YOU are calling ME out? The only reason I came out here was to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I am one of the most decorated champions of all time. I was a first ballot hall of famer. I don't even know who the hell you are! All I see is a once great and revered championship adorned on someone who isn't worthy of it, or its illustrious history. I gotta give you credit in one department though, kid. You sure did call out the biggest dog in the yard, and that takes some guts. That being said, I'm an advocate now. I don't need to prove anything to you, or anyone else. Nice chatting with you.

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  3. Believe me, I know all about the history of this title, MY title. Most importantly, the fact that the holder has to continuously live up to a certain degree. It's hard to do so when it's constantly met by no-shows, and people too scared to keep the priestege alive. After you, Senhor Perfect, those men were few and far between. Until I, Jack Forté, came into the fold! I know what it's like to have to constantly set a standard that my title brings, and I like to the think I exceed them each and every time!

    And believe me Senhor, I know all about you too. Or who you USED to be anyways. The man that people feared, but respected. But now, not so much. You call yourself nothing more than an advocate, and align yourself with FTJ. You walk around these halls just like all the other talent and claim you don't know who I am. That's fine.

    Regardless, I didn't come out here to call out the Senhor that did poems and got drunk with Aids. I didn't come out here to call out Chip Chipperson either. And I certainly didn't call out an advocate, who is more like a Special Ed teacher! I, the Intercontinental Champion, and the champion of the people, called out a once decorated champion. I called out a first ballot Hall of Famer. I called out Senhor Perfect, a man who put this title on the map first! A man who I SHOULD fear!

    But the thing is, I don't. And maybe that's the problem, I was expecting a legend and all I got was an advocate. That's fine I guess, walk back there with FTJ and sulk about what once was. I'll find someone else who might be worth the time, B.Dazzle maybe?

    @Senhor Perfect
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  4. *Special Ed chants start*
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  5. I see what your plan is. You're trying to make a name for yourself by being mentioned in the same sentence as me or even be in the same ring with me. I don't think you fully understand what you're doing. Feeble insults about my current, yet highly lucrative position as advocate really don't affect me whatsoever. However, if they did and I accepted your challenge, all that would happen would be that you would become just a footnote in the annals of the history of MY Intercontinental championship. Do you really think it's worth it to risk your career by being decimated while you're in what I suppose is your prime? Do you really want to be the answer in the whatever happened to that guy? I suggest you apologize for wasting my time and take your offer off of the table before you end up regretting it. Call out your b dazzles or George's or anyone else who can't hold a candle to me, you'll thank me for saving you the embarrassment.

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  6. You know what Senhor, if I was anyone else I'd ask if your alzheimers has kicked in again, honestly. But I'm above that, I didn't come out here to make jokes about your age. I simply came out here to give you another chance, to be your own man again.

    You went from being one of the most respected men in this company, a man who made his own paths, to helping FTJ. A man YOU beat for the for a championship! You say it pays better than being a competitor, and I do believe that. It's got to be like taking candy from a baby, a slightly retarded baby. All you have to do is show up when he calls and act like you're by his side.

    It may pay better, but it can't be dignifying. Can it? To even be associated with a man like that, I couldn't imagine it. I know it sure as hell isn't as dignifying as raising this title, MY title, above your head, while you're standing over an unconscious body. I bet you'd love to do that again, to have these people cheer for you- or boo, whatever your prefrence. To have your name announced, as THE reigning Intercontential Champion! That's better than any pay bonus, even though I do make a hefty check.

    I can tell you're itching to get back into this ring, don't pretend like you aren't. Stop playing hard to get Senhor, you're not Victoria. I shouldn't have to take you out and buy you a dinner, I don't need to woo you. I simply need to lay my title down on the mat, and tell you it's your's for the taking. And that's my plan Senhor, my one and only plan.

    Jack takes his title off of his waist and lays it on the mat

    Come on Senhor, just say yes. Nothing is stopping you.
    Unless you know, FTJ dedamnted dat u cant cmput in dis compruny anymoare!
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  7. *Senhor walks tentatively into the ring and picks up the IC belt. He looks into the gold like a man possessed. However, before Forte can make a move Senhor clubs him full force with the title directly the face. He exclaims loud enough so that everyone can hear without holding a mic:*


    *Senhor lays the championship on the fallen Forte before walking up the ramp and swatting his gum into the crowd*

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  8. *Jack starts to stir, he realizes what exactly transpired. He begins to feel his head, but feels nothing but the blood seeping from an open wound caused by the impact. Forté lowers his now bloody hand, picks up his title, and slowly gets to one knee. At first he seems angry, but then he smiles. Jack places the title on his shoulder, and finally gets back to his feet. He slowly proceeds to clap as Perfect makes his exit.*