Storyline Official contract signing for gav the chav vs b.dazzle

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  1. *the stage is set for the proceedings that are about to take place as gav the chavs music plays as he makes his way out to the ring first he climbs into the ring and picks up a mic from the desk and begins to address the crowd*

    ( Gav the chav) so this is it folks gavs finally gunna get his little hands on b.dazzle and prove to you all that I am much better than him and take the iwt mitb contract from him at the same time now you may ask why am I going through with all this hassle making him coming out here to sign a contract in public when he's already agreed to fight me well if you knew dazzle as well as I do you would take every little thing he says with a pinch of salt because he regularly talks absolute shite so gav wanted to ensure he sticks to his word and sign this contract to prove to me he was being genuine

    *gav goes over to the desk and picks up the contract and a pen*

    You know what right I'm not even gunna wait for dazzle to come out here before signing this im gunna sign this right now

    *gav picks up the pen and signs the contract without reading it*

    There we go now over to you dazzle get out here and lets make this official and come and sign this contract in front of me and all these people and make gav the chav vs b.dazzle for your iwt mitb contract I'll be waiting right here

    *gav sits in the leather chair and waits for b.dazzle to come out*

    @B.Dazzle over to you
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  2. *The fans begin to boo as B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring with his Money in the Bank Briefcase in his hand. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic from the table. B.Dazzle looks at the contract and then at Gav.*

    Dazzle: Gav, with your signature on this paper right here, you've signed yourself a one hundred percent, guaranteed ass kicking all over Summerslam! B.Dazzle just wants you to remember that. He wants you to remember that from now until our match happens.

    *B.Dazzle picks up the contract and begins looking through it. He then puts it back down and starts busting out laughing. Gav looks at him confused.*

    Gav: Oi, you cheeky ****, what you laughing bout?!

    Dazzle: Gav, you are just as big of a jabroni as B.Dazzle though. Your monkey ass didn't even read the contract, did you? Well, before B.Dazzle tells you your mistakes, let him just sign his name on the dotted line right here.

    *B.Dazzle signs the contract making it official. He closes it and puts the pen on top. A big smile emerges on his face.*

    Dazzle: You see Gav, what you failed to see because you were to stupid to actually read a legal contract, it states that there isn't just going to be one contract on the line, there's going to be two! At Summerslam, it's going to be B.Dazzle putting his Briefcase on the line against Gav the Chav. If B.Dazzle loses he loses his Briefcase. If Gav loses, however, he loses his IWT CONTRACT!

    *Gav looks furious as B.Dazzle once again starts to smirk.*

    Dazzle: It's going to give me great pleasure to just beat your monkey ass at Summerslam, but end your pathetic career as well!
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  3. *gav shoves b.dazzle out of the way and grabs the contract and takes*

    ( Gav the chav) what the fuck who the fuck approved this you can't end my career like this I knew there would be some sneaky little twist to it but I'm telking yoy now thete no eay I'm letting either @Delik or @Trip in the Head have the satisfaction in firing me but if thats what you want dazzle fine Thats what your gunna get but let me make this clear nobody screws gav like you just have and grts away with next week I'm gunna smash your little face in!

    *gav grabs hold of b.dazzles head and smashes it off the table*
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  4. *B.Dazzle falls to the ground and tries to exit the ring. Gav grabs him by the foot and pulls him back in. B.Dazzle flips to his back and begins kicking at Gav. He gets a good kick in, sending Gav stumbling back. B.Dazzle shoots to his feet and knocks Gav over the table.*
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  6. *gav gets to his feet and charges towards dazzle and tackles him to the floor and unleashes a barrage of punches to dazzle gav Climbs to his feet and whats this? Oh shit hes actually doing it hes going for a peoples elbow gav takes off his snapback and throws it into the crowd and runs towards the ropes turns towards the other ropes and carries on running the runs back to dazzle whos still layed out on the floor and BOOM! gav hit dazzle with the peoples elbow gav goes over towards the corner and starts laughing*
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  7. *Gav turns his back to the crowd and starts firing them up. As he is doing so, B.Dazzle grabs his Briefcase and crawls over to the corner. Gav turns around and sees B.Dazzle getting up, but doesn't see the briefcase in his hand! Gav charges at him, and runs straight into a briefcase shot right across the face. The fans boo as Gav crumbles down to the ground, and B.Dazzle starts to smirk. B.Dazzle picks Gav up and drags him to the table. He gets Gav in position for the B.Bottom, and then picks up, throwing him right through the table! The fans boo even louder as B.Dazzle stands before Gav's body, holding his Briefcase in the air high. B.Dazzle bends down and says something to Gav.*

    Dazzle: At Summerslam, B.Dazzle ends you!

    *Dazzle turns away and heads to the back.*
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