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  1. I was asked to help out with the draft for the two brands for this game.

    We will be running two brands, A Raw and a Smackdown so to speak.

    You will tag me in this thread, like this

    In your post you will also write that you would like to be part of the draft. I will then add a number to the list below, this number does not represent your number in the draft, just how many people currently are in the draft. Once the deadline is over @Britanica and @Jonathan will finalize the draft.

    The time to sign up for the draft will be from now until five hours from now. That means 2.11 am Central Europe time, 01.11am London UK time and 11.11pm Eastern American time. After that you will have to wait for another chance to sign up.

    Number of people in the draft
  2. *Nitro not Smackdown.
  3. You get what I mean. Also lol @ Nitro.
  4. @stopspot I'm in :yay:
  5. I guess Champions don't have to sign up?
  6. That's the idea. You are already on the RAW brand.
  7. Champions won't be drafted but could champion still please post in the thread. Makes it easier to count the amount of members.
  8. Senhor has 4 titles, 1 for Raw & 1 for Nitro, he is the ultimate champion :booker:
  9. IC can't be on Nitro, it's not right. The US should be.
  10. +1
    IC was always WWE's. :mad2:

    @Britanica @Jonathan
  11. RAW Titles:
    WWE, Intercontinental, Million Dollar and Hardcore

    SmackDown Titles:
    WHC, US, Cruiserweight and European

    Dual-Brand Titles:
    Divas, Tag Team and DX
  12. :yes:
  13. @Stopspot I'm also in this draft
  14. Noted.
  15. @stopspot I want to be in if I can
  16. Noted.
  17. Sorry, I got wrong writing your username, I've already edit the post
  18. @Stopspot I would like to be apart of the draft as well.
  19. noted.
  20. I would like to be a part of the draft.