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  1. Anyone else sick of SuperBonesJones? He really isn't all that over (notice UFC's top new babyface was getting boo's against Rashad, a top HEEL? lmao) and he is just burying legend after legend. He isn't worth this push yet, it's pretty ridiculous IMO.

    Also, I was so THANKFUL that UFC FINALLY freshened up Anderson's character in the Chael feud!! He was always cutting the same promo before UFC finally took the shackles off! I'm hoping he feuds with someone like Hector Lombard now and they continue pushing Weidman who could eventually end Anderson's elongated title reign.

    Also, this Nick Diaz suspension storyline has to end. I understand the logic behind it, but they've booked the WW division to shit. GSP's injury angle was dumb to begin with, but then you give a decent mid card babyface in Condit the title and turn him chickenshit heel? dafuq? Now you have a ton of upper mid carders who are stuck in mid card hell. I hate UFC with their start/stop pushes sometimes.

    The best booked division is the LW division. Nate's redemption storyline after returning to 155 has been perfect. I don't understand why they keep pushing that boring scrub Frankie Edgar (he isn't even over) and he should go to 145 with the rest of the vanilla midgets. If they don't overbook it though and just let two tremendous workers do what they do, Nate vs Bendo should be a MOTYC. I just hope they do the right thing and put the belt on Nate, who is one of their hottest guys atm.
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  2. Lmfao this is so much gold.