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  1. Stick to the GM character

  2. Keep competing like normal

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  1. Just wanted to let you all know I got the word this morning that I officially got the job. Boo ya! Time for the new era of IWT to begin bwahahahaha!

    I have a few things I would like to try changing, but my plan is to present any ideas to you guys as a whole for a vote before anything is official. I'll give each idea a week before votes close, so if you want to voice your opinion on a certain topic you better get it in within the time allotted.

    I guess I need to recruit a new IWT STAFF group(not creative haha). I have a couple people in mind already. Obviously @Delik will remain in his role for scheduling and what have you. Personally I'm glad to have him aboard. I know that feeling may not be mutual across the IWT. Deal with it.

    Also, @gav the chav will be staying on board as well. I need others. I had a few in mind, but some have left IWT now (Dat Kid and D'Z to name a couple)

    Ok, first order of business, would you guys, the IWT, like me (as GM) to just maintain the GM character role and only compete in matches where a story line requires it OR should I just keep on competing like normal? Personally I think the first option would be best, but I'll leave it up to you guys.
  2. You are staff, run IWT and going to compete? I think you should stick to the two main things. You can do some fun character battles with people still (not actually doing a match). I did when I ran it. Tis quite fun.
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  3. I think you can work it both ways. The less you compete the more those matches should mean. I was unaware of people leaving IWT, so I think another one becoming a rare competitor is not something you should do. The main priority is competition, I don't know what the divisions are like now, cannot find the thread you made, so I have no idea who is where. But if competitors are lacking, then stay on as a competitor.

    I think you should step down when there is enough competition that your not needed and if your able to fulfil the duties of the GM and Staff. If there is enough competition step down, if you can't do staff and competition then step down. No one should force you bro
  4. Oh no one will force me, believe me. I just wanted the opinion of the competitors is all. If its overwhelmingly for one way over the other I can accept thats how it should be done.
  5. You got the position, As much as I loved Aiden Working with you in IWT I think it would be best if you kept to your GM roll. :)

    However that doesn't mean you should stop doing storylines infact you could do alot of groundbreaking ideas with being general manger

    Congratulations by the way! :)
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  6. Thanks, yeah I figure I'll come up with some stuff down the road. Truth be told, I have a new match format I came up with awhile ago and Jono suggested we use for MITB. I think it will work great, but we shall see.
  7. I think you should keep competing. The chances are when you actually have your matches there aren't going to be many people coming to you for help because the majority of others will also be competing. I get that you also need to build your matches and people are going to need help at that time, but we also have the IWT Staff to help out.

    Also Trip, one of the main things I think you need to cover is about how IWT works in terms of either: IWT Staff giving people stories, or IWT Staff just being here for help if you need it
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  8. I would personally rather it be the latter (help if needed). I like the idea of letting people come up with their own stuff, but I understand the concept of writer's block. It happens. Sometimes you can't think of shit and you just need a small suggestion to get the ball rolling. I did this with @God Ovalhead Fan For Life recently actually. He didn't know what direction to go in with a promo, I made a vague suggestion and he ran with it in his own way. I like stuff like that. I don't think the staff here should be responsible for coming up with all the story lines. Hence the change from "creative" to "staff" (which I think you suggested awhile back actually).

    I'm not against competing, I just don't want people to think "Oh he's just going to give himself the main event all the time". Not planning on it. I mean if the current storyline I might be involved in calls for it, sure.
  9. GM's should not be regular competitors. But that's just my opinion. Ruins the "kayfabe".

    You really want to be the MVP of IWT?
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  10. HA! No def not
  11. You can still be aligned with the order, but move into more of a manager position.
  12. Indeed, there is actually a storyline in the works that we want to tie into that somehow. Not sure on the specifics yet, but @Delik knows what I mean (I think)
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  13. At least we both think the same thing about how it should work :dawg:

    Lol, it'd be fairly obvious if you were just giving yourself the best matches.
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  14. :true:
  15. I'd like to see you carry on competing I think you still have a lot to achieve still as a competitor
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  16. I think you should focus on the GM role, but don't rule out competing all together. I say compete on special occasions if it can help propel a good storyline.
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  17. This is what I am leaning towards I think
  18. Pretty much what Shadow said, focus primarily on your GM position, but it doesn't mean you can't have a feud now and then like Jono had with Adam. If you're lacking staff or whatever, I'll be there to help.
  19. Hey thanks, good to know. Not sure who will be IWT Staff with the change. We have gone over it a little, weeded a few out already.
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  20. This guy has it right.

    If anything rock a dirty heel character and start getting ready to vs Marcus. Ehr ma gerd ly shadow and jono but Heel trip could turn Marcus babyface in a heartbeat. I know the order is on top, but doesn't that make the gamble even better?
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