Storyline OH IM ANGRY(And not because I'm black)

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  1. Robert is seen walking through the parking lot backstage. He's in a black suit, surrounded by men with black suits. He has a baseball bat, and the others have blunt objects. They walk into the hood, putting out their cigarettes.

    "Oh no big boy match for the Hardcore championship because everyone is a big tanned out pussy. You guys took MY MATCH!" He says, walking over to Trip's car. He smashes the windshield with a bat, as the others smash the windows. "Fine! I won't blame the competitor's....or maybe I will. He smashes to side mirrors, then goes over to Dat Kid's car. He pushes over people and begins smashing the car in with the bat. "Here you go mister reject World champion. Now who's next?" He says taking out a piece of paper. He goes over to Duke Nukem's car. "Wait who the hell is this?" He asks one of the people with him. "Looks like a quitter's car." He says. "Lets do something special..." He says, opening the hood and pouring gasoline in it. He sets a match in there, the car catching on fire.

    "If I won't get my match, or any match, then fine. Oh and don't worry, the cops had....'motivation' to not show up or follow me." He says with a laugh. "This is just the beginning." IWT crew coming out and putting out the fire as Robert walks away.
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  2. Dat Kid's private helicopter*
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  3. TRIP: MY CAR! Good thing I got angry black man insurance. A must have in this industry. :jericho:
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