Storyline Oh Really Now?

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  1. *A cameraman of IWT approaches The Cure's locker room and discreetly knocks the door surely looking for Cure's thoughts on Georgie's recent statement on vowing to destroy what he MADE, The Cure. You can hear intense footsteps looming up onto the door from the other side. Those loud footsteps turn into a cool-headed Alias opening the door for the cameraman. Before the cameraman can even take a step further, Alias vehemently grabs the cameraman and pins him on the wall, leaving the camera itself laid on the floor. He sarcastically smiles at the cameraman and taps him in the shoulder, and subsequently snatches the camera on the floor. He slowly walks to his locker room, and shuts the door in the meantime. Alias isn't showing any signs of weakness, more so of incredulity and mistrust. He captures himself taking a seat and commences to speak in his infamous slow-paced voice*​
    Georgie Bo-wait. I refuse to call you Georgie Boy anymore. ​
    What George did last night was arguably the biggest bombshell ever let out in IWT history. George shocked the IWT universe by vowing to destroy what the man himself made, US. We were/are more outraged than anyone here. ANYONE. What George did was a sign of weakness, a sign of jealousy. A sign that he is no more than what he was without The Cure - a poor feeble man that will always succumb to the pressure that is life. He is nothing but a poor attempt of an attention-seeker. ​
    *Alias pauses and lets out a smirk to the camera*​
    You know what, George? We could have dumped you the very instance people started regarding you as the main man of The Cure, we could have dumped you there, but no, we decided on keeping you because The Cure is all about opportunities. We could have dumped you at the very second you no-showed the most important match in your god-damn CAREER! But look at us, we kept you because you were our brother, George!​
    *Alias starts getting emotional and starts speaking in a more grieving way*​
    George, what you did to us was inexcusable, what you did to us was disrespectful after all we had done for you GEORGE!.......what you did to your brothers will never be forgotten nor forgiven. Think of it this way, we dumped you, and we vow to destroy YOU.​
    *Alias struggles to let out the following words*​
    You are the cancer...........We are The Cure.....​
    *Alias licks his lips and the camera fades to black*​

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