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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm iiDevvz, you can call me Devon if you want. I'm 15 years old, and I'm from the Netherlands. I really enjoy watching the WWE, and I love Wrestlemania! Wrestlemania 28 is going to be hot. Cena vs Rock, Undertaker vs Triple H, it's just gonna be amazing. I am going to stay active here and post as much as I can!

    *Raises hat and disappears in the dark*
  2. Welcome Devon! Stay active and buy superstar!<3
  3. Welcome to the site man, how did you find us? Also, who are your favourite superstars? :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. By HackForums. Seabs promoted it, and I wanted to join. The site looks amazing, by the way.

    Favorite superstars are:
    Ziggler - He has a great future, and has in-ring skills.
    Undertaker - Has a 19-0 streak, and is legendary.
    And some more.

    And I just ordered Wrestlemania 28! :emoji_grin: Any way to stream it to a site? (like: Justin.tv)
  5. Welcome to WF, I'm sure you'll come to find out that everyone on this site is laxed, and chill as heck. We're the best IWC on the webs :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Thanks a lot man - appreciate that :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I'm a big fan of Ziggler & Taker too. Also, I'm not sure how to stream things myself :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Ordering WM today! :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Cool! It's going to be amazing, I know that!
  8. @[iiDevvz] you have to have a PVR, then you can upload the stream to a site, and people can stream it while you're watching it.
  9. I like how we are getting like seriously A LOT of newcomers on WWEForums. This means I have to advertise Federation X for more characters!
  10. I bought it from wwe.com. So I'll try to stream it with xSplit. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: If it lags, I'll put the laptop to my Full HD tv and watch it on TV. 8D
  11. Hello Devon. Welcome to the forums. I can't wait till WM either especially Cena vs. Rock.

    I don't think Justin.tv will let you. You could try it as private but they might still remove it. They won't even allow RAW anymore. Try ustream (as private if possible).

    I started sending out messages 2 days ago. We're getting like 50-60 new members everyday. :otunga:
  12. Hello there and may I say, you lookin sexy as hell today!
  13. Welcome to WWEForums.net! I hope you enjoy your stay here, like I do for the past few days! :emoji_slight_smile:) Not even here for a week yet but I'm getting addicted to it! c:

    People are really nice here and everyone respects each other's opinion. Hope you stay active! :emoji_wink:)
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