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    Michael walks out wearing a pitch black suit as he walks down to the ring. He jumps up to the ring apron before wiping his feet and getting in. A ring assistant brings him a microphone. He taps the mic to see if it's on before speaking.

    Michael: For me, success isn't the finish's the starting gate. The winner's circle isn't the objective, it's a stepping stone. For The New Generation capturing all the gold isn't the finish line nor is ending Dat Kid. It's ending everything in the IWT, and one of those 'things' happens to be someone I had a little run in with a couple months ago. You see back in June of this year as I prepared for my match with Dat Kid at Uprising, and as I taunted Dat Kid to get off his ass and to come and fight me I talked with his good 'ol pal, Joey Bryant. Mr. Bryant, I know you're to busy dealing with a senseless and cowardly "cheeky ****s" known to the world as Gav the Chav, and Mr. Backstage Fight, Alias Antonio, but you know, I know and everyone else knows that's a shortsighted move for your career.

    Michael scans the ring while he paces with a slight smirk before continuing.

    Michael: You informed me that you wouldn't mind beating me silly, and if Dat Kid has taught me anything, you're nearly always... Just.Hype. I'm telling you this now, I don't care when and I don't care how, but I'm challenging you to a match that you agreed to months ago! Title or no title, I'm not only asserting that you face me, but I'm daring you to face me. Show the world that you truly are the "Next Big Thing". Prove that you're a fighting champion even if the title isn't on the line, or are you gonna pull out the only trick Dat Kid taught you, and apprehensively bitch out. What is it Joey?

    Michael bends over the top rope waiting to see if he will get a response from Joey Bryant ( @DK James )
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  2. *All the lights in the arena turn green and the crowd pops loud. All of a sudden, Joey Bryant appears on the titantron in a living room in a random house. The crowd boos a little but Joey hold up his hand.*

    "Hold on, hold on. Don't boo me for something like this, you honestly expect me to be in the arena right now expecting I'd be called out by the one, the only, MICHAEL?!"

    *The crowd cheers and Joey smirks and shakes his head.*

    "I'm not there tonight because I'm waiting for the right moment, I was going to show up in a few days and there would be a big celebration, a lot of pyro, and lot of fuckin GREEN LIGHTS, a big return of your UNDISPUTED IWT Champion Joey Bryant. So you ruined this for me, Michael old pal, you really did. But I'm here live on satellite to prove the words I stated at Summerslam, I'm always here. I'm here week after week whether it be via satellite or in that ring, and even if I wanted to, I don't think I'd even be able to walk down that ramp."

    *He pans the camera out and points it down to his leg which is in a brace and his arm which has multiple bandages on it. He puts the camera back on his face.*

    "These injuries are only temporary though, unlike last time when Alias Antonio got his hands on me this time he failed to get the job done. I'll be back up on my feet in a matter of days and back in that arena but something you have never known about Michael is the toll a main event match takes on your body. Now the first time I won the IWT belt, I was met with a lot of unhappy guys in the back. None of them wanted to see me as champion, I got a poor reaction because I won it with Dat Kid. When I won this title back, it was still met with a poor reaction, I knocked down the underdog Bruce Knight when he was on top of the world and sent him back down to reality while I continued to reign on top with Dat Kid. People despised me for pulling it out against Farooq and send him home packing but this time... this time I beat Alias Antonio, clean, on my own, with no Dat Kid and the response was incredible. You speak of HATING Dat Kid's guts but you have not been through anything until you've been down the road I have with him."

    *The crowd cheers and Joey just continues to stare into the camera.*

    "You should be begging someone like Dat Kid comes and swoops you up under their wing because you need someone like that to show you the way. But you've managed to piss off almost all of today's main event stars like Alias and Dat Kid and anyone else who matters like myself and that's why you're left on your own with a couple first generation forgotten faces as shoulders to cry on. Alkatrz at this point is becoming a bigger star in 2 weeks than you have in your time here and that's why he's not going to be around you very long...but you are a nice warm-up match for Gav because you both have a similar style of being complete jokes."

    *The crowd boos as Joey takes a cheap shot at Gav.*

    "Fan favorite or not but B.Dazzle is better than Gav and always will be and you can read up on more of my feelings on Gav and Dazzle that through the IWT Magazine where I was on the COVER of while you were no where to be found. But you're right, I promised to be a fighting champion, so you're on Michael. But it's under the champion's rules and what I'm proposing is a no holds barred street match so that I can beat you down until the point of you shutting up about wanting to face me week after week. You got your match, good luck... you're really gonna need it."

    *Joey smirks and the feed cuts.*
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    Michael smirks while he shouts "You're on!" before looking around and raising his microphone to speak.

    Michael: Joey before you expect me to go and say "You're a fighting champion." I would just like to say this. If you get busted up from fighting Alias Antonio, then you clearly are as frail and as barren as I said you are. I not only faced Dat Kid, Alias Antonio and participated in a battle royal, but I did it all in the same month. You claim to be a fighting champions but all I see is an deficient fluke. You're not the Next Big Thing if you're the embodiment of the "What If" question because "What If" You had my work rate, and my drive? You sure as hell wouldn't be sitting in the house tending to the bruise you got on your ass. You would be here, face to face with the man that eroded your greatest accomplishment? The man that called you out, and challenged you to a fight. You're exactly what I didn't want to believe you are, a dastardly pansy.

    Michael pauses as he looks around the arena.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All.

    Michael drops the microphone as his music plays him out.

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  4. Chris Kaizer is shown backstage watching.


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    Don't ask why Kaizer looks like Kevin Spacey all of a sudden
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  5. No sleeping?

    Fuck yeah, one step forward, baybay!
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  8. February 31st
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  9. In the year 2021
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